Thursday, December 31, 2015

Consumer consignment

Bought way too many drinks for my staycation. Drinks as in oolong tea, strawberry milk tea, soda water etc! 

There could be some form of consumer consignments so that we can return what we can't finish! #justathought 

Anyway, staycations should minimally get a 3d2n. Sadly I still didn't get to swim! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Focusing on positive stuff

For the past few days, I sort of let the unhappy hair episode and a few other things and people affected my mood. I do get affected when at times when I cannot comprehend why people do what they do, what kind of values are incorporated there? 

So even despite the multiple happy occasions, I failed to be present present even thou I was physically there. I failed to truly bask in the moment without letting negative tots brood my mind. 

With this post, I am letting go of all those negative tots and rejoicing over the 1 year old mark of my cute God son! 

Happy birthday Axel! You are such an adorable baby! God ma loves u! With such a beautiful mummy (both inside out), u will be nurtured into an awesome individual! 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Why they say so

People always say when one door closes, another door opens. Putting that into perspective, I can draw reference to it.

Some troubling issues lately but it also draws my attention to better appreciate people around me who care and are there. 

Keep a clear conscience and a tidy archive

Monday, May 11, 2015

Sesame or Green Bean

U know there are some days in your life many things go wrong and you just totally dread even stepping out of the house? 

Today is one of those days.

It may not be a sudden episode but I honestly didn't see it coming. Not sure where the brew started.

The sad part is feeling sad for doing the right things. Feeling sad that there are people who are upset with u for doing the right things. Where did I do wrong?

And I try to pick myself up by thinking about how it's pointless feeling upset when probably the other party is just gleefully leading their lives. Yet here I am, sulking. 

Just feeling down. Will be better by Tml!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Love is in the air + D&D 2015

something sweet was brewing in the office last night. As part of the welfare committee, we stayed back late yesterday for this scene!

Love is in the air!

Happy to say, it created its desired effect. The whole office was excited and couldnt stop taking pictures of it and posting them on social media.

with an enthusiastic committee, there was also performance!

and i took on my usual role of an emcee..

lunch was supposed to be with shida and gang but work calls for them so was just fishy and me.

aside from the massive love in the office this morning, today is also our dinner and dance.

the theme was to dress up to eras and we got the 80s. Puffed sleeves and bright colours of aerobic-ish attires. Well, actually was high fashion but we were just reluctant to spend much on costumes so heh...

But i actually did spend a hell lot of time to think and match and i came up with the following....

if you haven't already noticed by now, i also duno when i started developing this interest for clothes, i love dressing up and taking ootd shots! helps that i have a trainable ditchie (ha ha ha) who also seems to enjoy helping me with such shots!

shall let pictures do the talking...

and i would also add, i find photoshop very therapeutic. I seriously think i should probably have pursued blogging as a career! haha..