Thursday, November 13, 2014

My happy pill

The most comforting thing after 3 extremely long hard days would be today. I got home and niki was there waiting for me to get home (typically she would be already getting all comfy in my parent's room and would only come out to greet me and head back to her comfy spot on my parent's bed).

And before I got to my room, she skipped to my room and automatically hopped onto my bed. Usually I would need to do a good amount of coaxing or commanding.

And my helper and my mum was telling me she seemed to have been waiting for me to get home all day, refusing to head to the rooms. And that was indeed a sweet, warm fuzzy feeling.  It's so nice to feel wanted.

So I decided against switching on my laptop but couldn't resist blogging about it.

It's not an easy period. Which means I have to work even harder.

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