Saturday, September 13, 2014

Owl Making Donation

I took a break from my weekly volunteer at VSA and i do miss the kids badly. But travelling over to Bedok after work is kind of tiring. I do fully intend to resume it at a later point.

Each time i plan to make an visit to them on the day, something just comes up or i get extremely lazy. And yes i am much more homely these days. Else i'd be swimming, trying to make it a regular regime.

So anyway, when ad hoc volunteer work comes along, i'd usually try to make it and this time round its a rather interesting one. VSA held an art exhibition at Forum and they needed facilitators to help with the Owl Making Donation Drive.

Basically, for every $5 donation, kids can learn how to make an Owl using recycled materials. I must say i had a really good and busy time...

I enjoyed the company of the kids and some of them are really cute, some took on the instructions very well. But very sadly, almost all the parents asked their kids to address me as Aunty *cry*. hahaha

After the event, i headed over to catch a move at Shaw. I can't say i super loved the show like how i loved 那些年 but there were some funny twists.

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