Sunday, August 24, 2014


The significance of the mid autumn, this is cute... on my favourite starbucks.

An unexpected gift.

To many more mooncakes years...

Sunday, August 17, 2014


1、人在的時候 ,以為來日方長什麼都有機會, 其實人生是減法, 見一面,少一面。

2、別人怎麼看你, 和你毫無關系, 你要怎麼活 ,也和別人毫無關系。




6、不要在心情糟爛差的時候, 用決絕的話傷害愛你的人。







13、不要的東西, 再好也是垃圾。

14、如果你沒瞎, 就別用耳朵去了解我。


16、那些不需要解釋的事情, 從你張嘴那一刻起 ,你已經輸了。









Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mala Hot Pot with Fishy!

We were around the area and Fishy has been pretty hooked onto ma la xiang guo recently. So we decided to share share and try one of the most popular ma la xiang guo around...

So apparently you choose the ingredients you want - the rathe typical steamboat kind of items like vegetables, meat, etc. The person then stir fry it in some ma la sauce for you.

 My initial impression was i thought it would be like steamboat. turns out it is dry with some sauce below. Pretty good. We asked for xiao la (a little spicy). But quite expensive. Ours cost us around $15! But good for sharing!

The happy fishy...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Birthday Celebration of the Lions Boss 2014

Gyoza ya is fast becoming one of my favourite joints. To begin with, friends who know me well enough will know that im not much of a gyoza person but their gyoza is actually quite good. But actually what i like about the place is not so much of the gyoza but the fried chicken soft bones and their chicken karage. To top it off, their pricing is very reasonable!

I have been raving about the place to a few of my colleagues so when the occassion arise for a reward lunch, it was the obvious choice.

Gyoza wise, they have the variety of pork, prawn and vegetable fillings in either boiled or pan fried style.

Today we ordered the prawn and pork fillings in both boiled and pan fried style.


But since the exteriors looked the same, i didnt take multiple pics or pics of the fillings coz we were too hungry! haha

The gyozas cost around $4.80 to $5.80 if i recall correctly. 

The tonkatsu noodles....

This is probably one of their specials. The soup was pretty good and the noodles were really soft. The pork belly as well was pretty good. The noodle cost around $6.50.

I tried the garlic fried rice the last time i was here with my cousin and it was awesome. So this time round since we had more people, decided to also try the seafood fried rice.

the seafood fried rice was good but not as awesome as the garlic fried rice. The garlic fried rice was really fragrant and tasty!

the chicken karage is also really tender (definitely not breast meat) and tasty...

with the ladies...

and the last dish... chicken soft bones...

the chicken soft bones are really good! The texture is just interesting! very good to chew!

we polished everything off!

Work has been overwhelming lately - for a good cause. Had to try hard to leave on the dot today because am meeting the Lions babes to celebrate the birthday of the boss!

We went to Riverview Hotel upon the recommendation of our birthday boy. It has a pretty nice view overseeing the bridge...

as it was an exhausting day, i didn't take much pictures of the food. But the oysters pretty much got me! It was so fresh and so big!

i think i had about 6 to 7 of them. Sooooo yummy!

and they had the usual selection of sashimi...

the other items they had were mainly local delights... things like rojak, bak kut teh, cuttefish with eng cai (i like!) and laksa with slipper lobster...

desserts included chendol, bobo chacha and durian pengat. I didnt try the durian pengat but those who did said it was pretty good!

and since it was a birthday celebration of a man who has everything, we got him small little sweet gifts....

the funniest has got to be the little pony from Lucy. She wanted to get him a Lion soft toy but she couldnt find the lion so she watsapp us the pic of the pony and said.. " i got him this instead coz lion is so passe " hahahha
mandatory group picture!

boss with his sweet treats...

it was also peishan's birthday!

nice night of catch up.

as for why im blogging (with pics and all) after so long coz im trying the pics upload function on blogger itself. used to use photobucket but that is kind of lay chey. Lionel introduced me this function some time ago but never had time to explore it.