Thursday, July 31, 2014

The not so simple events of an otherwise simple day

Actually a day filled with emotions.

To begin, it was a frustrating morning. I was battling with my new lashes. Yes, i itchy backside went to do fake lashes. Really is itchy backside. I already know i won't enjoy the part when i shower and can't clean the water off my eyes using my palm. I already know i need to be damn gentle. I already know i can only sleep on my back and not so much on my side or face down at any point .. and i know i like to flip around.. but i did it anyway! So yeah, as i showered and faced the issues of opening up my eyes cos the lashes were still wet, i felt damn frustrated with myself. A true case of self destruction (in a minimal kind of way).

Then when i got to the office, i was madly touched by my new big boss. I think he is a god sent! Seriously! I was so damn touched i started tearing. I know, sounds quite kua zhang but he addressed my issues and it was a freaking good day!

And i say its a simple day because its one of those days where i'd head home and not head anywhere after work but i bumped into my neighbour's daughter. She informed us that her mum has passed away. A very nice neighbour and we have been neighbours all my life. They are really nice people.. regularly we would exchange food and all and this old granny has always been the very kind and warm kind of lady. Couldn't help but let the tears flow down again. I hope she is in a better place and that her whole family (whom all of them are really kind and warm folks) get over their sorrows soon.

Lastly, a case of potentially losing something i can't speak of... which is silly. Which i probably wouldn't lose if i contained my thoughts.. but that wouldn't be me would it? So its just silly.

So the above rounds up my otherwise simple day.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Part of the family

yesterday, an abrupt call from the groomer got us all in shock. we were told that niki got into a fit which was never known to us that niki had that or was even vaguely unwell. it was truly a tiring day for us physically and emotionally. she seems fine now just pending for her doc visit.

niki has become such a big part of our family. I really wouldnt want anything bad to happen to her. shes such a sweetheart and really special to the family.