Sunday, May 4, 2014

Stress Relief

I dont know if anyone sometimes experience this too - maybe not? But sometimes aspects of our lives gets too stressed up or things get so bottled up with no avenues to pour out so u just keep continuing to bottle it. And we end up spilling them out on service folks.

I believe I dont go all unreasonable but I admit I seriously have high expectations.  少一点点都不可以。its like I feel more exasperated than anything. Like wth is wrong with these people?

But while I dont think im unreasonable,  sometimes I think im too hard on them. Like I wonder am I really too demanding or expecting too much? - especially the part abt initiative.

Yet sometimes, crazy as it may sound, it usually is when some big rock is in me and while I am trying to maintain composure n sanity, when service goes haywire, I go haywire too.

Which sometimes when my own customer goes haywire on me, im tempted to ask... " are u alright?  Is there something bothering u that u may want to speak about? "

I don't mean its justified to vent my anger or stress on another person. But sometimes ineffective or inefficient services just provides an avenue to unwind n rant. It probably is a feeling of ' at least this is something that I can voice out'! And u dont need to keep ur woes/anger/disappointment abt this inside.

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