Thursday, May 8, 2014

Its our turn

Probably many of those around my age are alrdy forming family units of your own and staying away from parents and may not really feel it per se. But I was just sharing with Joanne earlier how recently my dad has been down with cough and very often, when I hear him coughing at night, I actually feel like crying. Its like our parents are now at an age where everything is more fragile. It pains me to see them in any sort of discomfort.

I was also sharing w her how there was a point in our growing up days, to 'train' my parents - particularly abt having a curfew, I used to ignore n not pick up their calls. These days, when they call, I pick up immediately and I always feel a fear. Problem is, they also rarely call. I think most parents are like that too... they rarely would want to tell us what's going on, where they feel unwell and would just want to hide it from us. From times when they used to call and care for us, it is our turn to care for them.

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