Friday, January 31, 2014

Great start to a challenging year ahead

Loads of challenges lie ahead in many different aspects but it has been a good year so far... especially the first 3 hours of the horse year. I received something I have been wishing for for 5 yrs.

Great effort!

Lots of joy n laughter.

I wish I blogged more often too. Have loads to update but time is not on my side.

Sometimes I think that i should update religiously so that one day when im not ard anymore, this place can serve as a good memory for people who actually miss me or just want to recollect on any nice happy moments. (Not trying to be morbid)

Im 33 this yr. I think I went to a fortune teller yrs back ... he said I either will be married when im 30 or 33. Else I just won't.  From the looks of it. .. haha.

Btw check out my gorgeous cny nails!

Doesn't matter what is my auspicious colour for this yr (contradicting info from various sources), I think im pretty much covered! Haha