Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lychee Earl Grey with Raspberry Sorbert

thanks to Saphy, i found the little lychee balls at Phoon Huat yesterday!

Decided to do my own concoction today.. Iced Earl Grey tea with lychee balls and Raspberry Sorbert...

Quite good! The sorbert part is inspired by Xinying!

This weekend is a Star Wars Movie Date weekend.. feels good to roughly know what half the world is raving about. hahha.. and was nice to have it being explained to me.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Attention seeking bed

My bed is such an attention seeker! Every time im supposed to be out, it calls out to me to spend more time together!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Best job ever - Emb1

Started with Saphy posting on fb about missing EMB 1 and Adrian liking some old videos of our no sales day... such fond memories of life in Emb1.... how we loved our jobs and bosses. Every day was crazy busy but enjoyable. .bosses were understanding, approachable, appreciative and empathetic.

Monetary reward was a direct relationship to the results delivered.

Hmm enjoy the reminiscing for a bit, pick urself up and move forward. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Escalator Phobia Syndrome?

as many probably already know about my escalator phobia and how i almost know where all the lifts are... so earlier, Crystal and Serena and myself were waiting for the lift to the Raffles Place MRT and it was mad packed with people. so the conversation below happened..

Crystal:"  why so many people waiting for the lifts ah? i thought the escalator just round the corner "
Me: " hmm.. maybe actually there are many people with escalator phobias? "

and i thought for awhile and added... " and maybe the rest are 陪朋友"

and we started luffing coz the 2 of them were 陪朋友-ing!


but seriously, that stupid Raffles Place escalator is mad fast la!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wedding of Mr & Mrs Lum

It has been a long while since I really attended a full day wedding - being involved as jie mei and all. Weddings used to be events that I really looked forward to until some things that happened in recent years for the past few weddings and I seriously avoided attending weddings. I end up not enjoying weddings and even feel scared of it.
It is usually with much reluctance that I attend any wedding simply coz its hard to really reject some of the people you are really close to.
I am glad for dear dear's wedding, she was really sweet and considerate.  The day went really well. Chris was also really nice and I would say he had nice brothers.
Dear dear was gorgeous as aways, we took loads of beautiful pictures. Congrats mr and mrs lum! May you stay blissful!

dear dear's very young cousin.. only 17.. 17 岁离我太遥远了!

preparing the morning 'breakfast' for the grooms...

when life hands you lemons, use them to make lemonade for the groom and his brothers! haha

dear dear made the corsages herself! how talented!

i love this hugging picture of us!

dancing to Gentleman...

finally mr & mrs Lum!

and the song that Chris sang during the wedding...