Monday, May 6, 2013

One of those moments

so today i received a text from my cousin Wendy requesting for me to help her make reservations at Rice & Fries.

For the closer friends, most of you would have known that Rice & Fries is owned by Ken and Xinying and i have been actively helping to promote the place for them on FB. And you would also know that i would do the same for you if you are a close friend :)

so anyways, i called Xinying during lunch and told her " hey mother in law, my cousin wants to make reservations for tonight, 7.15pm, table for 2. please give her a nice big piece of foie gras "

and Xinying replied.. " ok can! one tomyam ban mian "

and recollecting that Xinying's office is now around Plaza Sing, i asked.. " you are at the Plaza Sing foodcourt? "

to which she replied affirmative and hahahaha..

this is what i told Xinying.. " My cousin Wendy who is going over to your restaurant tonight, owns the ban mian stall at Plaza Sing food court!! "

and as fate would decree, the two of them started chatting on watsapp like long lost bff!

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