Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Perfect Date

i kind of enjoyed a perfect date a couple of months back. Though it didn't lead to anything more, as i recollect, i am truly glad it happened because the said gentleman gave me a date the way i would have done it and the way i liked it.

Sometimes i really think if im a guy, i would be such a heart breaker! (muahhaha)

The said gentleman picked me up from my office. He took the effort to finish work early to make sure he was waiting when i was done. As we got to his car, he presented me with a very thoughtful little gift. I only realised it after i got home. He got me a mist because he remembered how i tend to get heat rashes.

Dinner venue was not told to me as it was meant to be a surprise (i LOVE surprises). And indeed, the choice of venue was indeed a very pleasant surprise. It was a cuisine i love and it was a place i have never visited. Reservations were made (major score points).

Starter was a cheese platter because he thought i like cheese (which i do).

The meal was scrumptious and the conversations were smooth.

There were plans for after dinner activities and i was safely sent back.

Thank you for a wonderful perfect date! 

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