Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Happy Transition from 31 to 32!

I'm turning 32 (i think, should be correct la) in about a week.

It is true when people tell you that priorities change as you age. Our mindset inevitably changes as well. Or at least i feel this is myself.

I am (or i try to be) much much less affected by bizzare things that happens.

I used to dwell on the 'WHYs'... 

Why is this person like that?

Why did this person change?

Why are things the way it is now?

Why am i feeling this way? 

Why did this happen to me?

But recently, even when 'WHYs' run through my minds, i try as much as possible to divert myself to think of the 'HOWs'.

How can i make myself feel better?

How did i get over similiar stuffs in the past?

How did i make the same mistake again?

How can i not make the same mistake again?

How can i not let these weird people affect me?

How can i keep my mind occupied? (or How can i avoid going out so i can spend more time with my precious bed.. muahhahaa)

How can i stay happy?

and i think i really do achieve not letting issues or people (even myself), affect me too much.

In a nutshell, i pretty much just wish for my parents good health. I wish they can always be around to be with me.

for people who appreciate me, thank you very much. And yes, i know who you are. I appreciate you just as much too.

for people who don't, its ok. I know who these people are as well. Bye bye! See you when i see you! 

and im sorry for the lack of updates, i am finding it tiring to back blog. but i will try to write more as and when! 

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