Friday, May 31, 2013

Our ah por looks gorgeous

It's not an easy time for the family or anyone else who may be experiencing the same thing.  I believe ah por is in a better place. All I ask for now is family harmony, cohesiveness and good health for all.

And I believe after this time, im pretty funeral trained. My cousins tease me as the GM of the event or rather the Single Point of Contact. 

Ah yee said I can change job coz im now wedding amd funeral trained!

This has been quite the experience. Definitely not desirable. But, any experience is a learning.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Perfect Date

i kind of enjoyed a perfect date a couple of months back. Though it didn't lead to anything more, as i recollect, i am truly glad it happened because the said gentleman gave me a date the way i would have done it and the way i liked it.

Sometimes i really think if im a guy, i would be such a heart breaker! (muahhaha)

The said gentleman picked me up from my office. He took the effort to finish work early to make sure he was waiting when i was done. As we got to his car, he presented me with a very thoughtful little gift. I only realised it after i got home. He got me a mist because he remembered how i tend to get heat rashes.

Dinner venue was not told to me as it was meant to be a surprise (i LOVE surprises). And indeed, the choice of venue was indeed a very pleasant surprise. It was a cuisine i love and it was a place i have never visited. Reservations were made (major score points).

Starter was a cheese platter because he thought i like cheese (which i do).

The meal was scrumptious and the conversations were smooth.

There were plans for after dinner activities and i was safely sent back.

Thank you for a wonderful perfect date! 

Karaoke at home with Niki Baby!

current song that i'm learning to sing!

A Happy Transition from 31 to 32!

I'm turning 32 (i think, should be correct la) in about a week.

It is true when people tell you that priorities change as you age. Our mindset inevitably changes as well. Or at least i feel this is myself.

I am (or i try to be) much much less affected by bizzare things that happens.

I used to dwell on the 'WHYs'... 

Why is this person like that?

Why did this person change?

Why are things the way it is now?

Why am i feeling this way? 

Why did this happen to me?

But recently, even when 'WHYs' run through my minds, i try as much as possible to divert myself to think of the 'HOWs'.

How can i make myself feel better?

How did i get over similiar stuffs in the past?

How did i make the same mistake again?

How can i not make the same mistake again?

How can i not let these weird people affect me?

How can i keep my mind occupied? (or How can i avoid going out so i can spend more time with my precious bed.. muahhahaa)

How can i stay happy?

and i think i really do achieve not letting issues or people (even myself), affect me too much.

In a nutshell, i pretty much just wish for my parents good health. I wish they can always be around to be with me.

for people who appreciate me, thank you very much. And yes, i know who you are. I appreciate you just as much too.

for people who don't, its ok. I know who these people are as well. Bye bye! See you when i see you! 

and im sorry for the lack of updates, i am finding it tiring to back blog. but i will try to write more as and when! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Play to our strengths

Today in class, i am reminded once again about a course i attended. Strengths vs weaknesses. Keep doing activities and being with people that excites you, motivates you and makes you happy. Stay away people and activities that drains you. Not saying you should avoid issues but just saying that a lot of people don't realise that we should play to our strengths rather than overcoming our weaknesses. Likewise, a lot of people undermine how being encouraging and appreciative can motivate people much better than putting people down. Help people see their strengths, appreciate them for their strengths. This applies really to all aspects of our lives, work, romance, family, etc.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weather Predictor

i hate to admit this but i think my backache and hives are really good weather predictors. *bleah*

Hot Pink

Watch "P!nk - Just Give Me A Reason ft. Nate Ruess" on YouTube
This song just keeps running in my head these few days. Great song! Love the lyrics and the tune. Also got me noticing how hot Pink is.

And I have been trying to upload my blog but honestly there are so many entries that makes me feel totally lazy. Haha

Im not even updating in chronological order anymore!

Haha thank u for those who are still reading! !

Enjoy the song!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

That Penang Place with JJ

team lunch today and Susan brought her cute daughter along...

very into instagram's outfit of the day thingy! hehe.. 

impromptu dinner with JJ at this supposedly famous penang food restaurant near my place...

the penang laksa...

super spicy (i can't take too spicy food)

spinach soup or veg of sorts...

salted egg squid...

which i thought was ok. but given its location and late opening hours, i think JJ and myself may be meeting here a little more often nxt time!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Paris Baguette for the Mummy

before visiting granny at the hospital today, i dropped by Paris Baguette to get some bread and the pudding for mummy and the rest...

aunt lisa really enjoyed the royal pudding.

She enjoyed it so much she told me to let her finish eating first before we talk further.

ah por's condition feels worse than when she was in ICU. Now everyone's not sure of her recovery but the moments when all the uncles crowd around and ask her to wake up to head to the market together, that's the most heart wrenching.

it is again another reminder for us to really spend more time with those who matter while we still can.

Very Special Arts 2013 Term 2 Week 7

had lunch with a customer near crabby's office so we met up for awhile. Coincidentally, we were both in red! CNY RED!

same same (style) but different (colour) shoes...

and we also bumped into Eileen!

after work, i was waiting for Joanne to finish work and join me at VSA, was waiting for her at Parkway so met up with Sharon for a short while....

and today at VSA!

it is joanne's second lesson and i can tell she really enjoys it. I really enjoy it as well. The kids make me happy. every lesson, no matter how tired i am initially, when im with them i immediately feel perked up!

cam whoring with my earrings after i got home... thank cute JJ for the matching earrings...

Monday, May 6, 2013

One of those moments

so today i received a text from my cousin Wendy requesting for me to help her make reservations at Rice & Fries.

For the closer friends, most of you would have known that Rice & Fries is owned by Ken and Xinying and i have been actively helping to promote the place for them on FB. And you would also know that i would do the same for you if you are a close friend :)

so anyways, i called Xinying during lunch and told her " hey mother in law, my cousin wants to make reservations for tonight, 7.15pm, table for 2. please give her a nice big piece of foie gras "

and Xinying replied.. " ok can! one tomyam ban mian "

and recollecting that Xinying's office is now around Plaza Sing, i asked.. " you are at the Plaza Sing foodcourt? "

to which she replied affirmative and hahahaha..

this is what i told Xinying.. " My cousin Wendy who is going over to your restaurant tonight, owns the ban mian stall at Plaza Sing food court!! "

and as fate would decree, the two of them started chatting on watsapp like long lost bff!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Woot Woot we play Badminton. La La we sing Karaoke!

badminton with shan and joey and 2 of their friends. i think they really got a damn good location for their place. right below is a community centre and we an play badminton there and head up to their place to shower. condo these days don't even have badminton courts!

it was great stretching and work out!

the shower part was incredible also!

after the games, shan suggested ktv and we went to a pub like place with rooms near their house...

their friends can sing really well!

our dinner. $10 worth of fried beancurd skin. Super awesome when mixed with some gravy from their laksa!