Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Very Special Arts - 2012 Term 2 Week 2

Today at VSA, Francis got the kids to work on Hot Air Balloons. A couple of them were still drawing the monkeys of last week so it was a mixture of both...

it really is pretty impressive how they come up with their own rendition of it and how you observe how some of them managed to capture certain details.

and today, our dear Beatrice was really cute! The normally moody Beatrice has been much more cheerful this term! Today she wrote on her notepad telling the whole class that she will not be coming next week because she is headed to Taiwan! We can tell she's really excited about her upcoming holiday!

and i duno in what frame of mind, i agreed to go play mj w eileen, YD and Barry after the class. by the time i reached there, it was already 9.45pm!

But seeing the super adorable Elliot made it all worth it!

long time no see YD!

and Barry is actually ang moh so Eileen printed out these for him....

its his first time playing mj so while it took him awhile to understand some of the rules, i must say he was doing really well.

we only played half a round but i guess the whole point was to gather!

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