Sunday, April 14, 2013

That surprise breakfast @ The Coastal Settlement

with a surprise venue for breakfast in place, steven managed to get me to wake up early for a sunday.

he came to pick me up around 9 am *yawns* and brought me to..... THE COASTAL SETTLEMENT!!

i've heard so much about this place but its one of those ulu areas where i won't bother to come if no one is driving me. i just don't like the idea of being stuck at some ulu place with nothing and cabs also won't come. and these days in singapore, if sway sway it rains, want to call for cabs also cabs won't come!

we were damn early so i walked around to get some shots...

the rustic vintage furniture and settings of the place...

we ordered a truffle fries to share...

its hard to go wrong with truffle fries! yummy!

he had the eggs ben ...

i had the full works!

breakfast is such a lovely sight isnt it? overall, i found the breakfast to be decent but not wowing though.

after brunch, we headed over to 112 for a movie. hmm.. now i cant remember what show we caught! oh! its the tom cruise one.. about earth being invade and he was some technician.

anyway, after the movie, he said he was hungry again so we headed over to Geylang for smelly beancurd!

the drinks were refreshing, great for a hot day!

soft shell crab pancake!! this is sooooooooo good! soooo divine!

the pancake or rather pastry is a thin crispy layer. the softshell crab is also awesome. its juicy and a nice portion. i love it!

smelly beancurd!

we ordered 2 types but i prefer the cube one!

and this is also crazy awesome! the pig intestine... soooo crispy .. YUMS!

thank you for the planned breakfast!

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