Saturday, April 6, 2013

Shan's Hilarious Birthday Surprise @ The Clan

today, we celebrate Shan's birthday over at The Clan.

18/20 Bukit Pasoh Road.       

Shan's present!

the clan works the same way as Tao Restaurant and Dozo. You pay a fixed amount and you can choose from the range of items they offer for the respective courses.

we were first served a complimentary drink to cleanse the palate...

when i made reservations, i did it online and i indicated it was Shan's birthday and requested for the dessert to be served with a candle.
when i arrived, Shan and Joey told me they bought cupcakes from twelve cupcake. and because their house was just a stone's throw away, i thought they probably kept it at home already.

so anyway, when dessert was about to be served, the server first started by serving our desserts wrongly. she gave all of us some chocolate cake and there was nothing on it. they quickly rectified it though.

subsequently, i excused myself to head to the toilet to remind them of the candles and they acknowledged it.

when i got back to my seat, the server came to my side, squat down and whispered to me.. and because i felt that that will arise suspicions, in my attempt to brush her off, i just nod my head and said " ya " without even really listening to what she said..

and when joey and shan asked me what she was asking me, i honestly told them.. " i duno.. i couldnt really hear her so i just said ya to brush her off " - which was true

and den..... the most hilarious thing happened... the server began serving the cupcakes that Joey and Shan bought, with candles on them!

and yes, luff die us! we luffed till we wanted to cry!!

Happy birthday Shan!

after dinner, we walked over to Shan's for movie. Always enjoyable with my favourite couple!

check out my latest DIY nails!

and my poor niki baby.. duno why her eye started to get red and she looked restless. My parents quickly brough her to the vet...

but she looks cute with that headwear. haha

and cam whoring with the flowers that fairy god friend got me!

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