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Our 5yrs friendship anniversary trip to Sydney Day 1!

Its our (together with Joey and Shan) 5 years of friendship anniversary trip and we chose Sydney as our destination!

Before leaving the house for the airport, saying my goodbyes to Niki baby....

We were early so we had drinks over at the Hard Rock in the airport... Holiday has started!!

we were on a midnight flight so we had snack and a breakfast...

the snack i chose the tuna sandwich while breakfast was a cheesy omelette. hmm.. the food was decent but lacked the spectacular punch that SQ used to be able to provide.

we reached Sydney in the morning! We have arrived!!! GOOD MORNING!!

right when we got to the airport, we had Joey to settle the miscellaneous mobile phone issues like getting the data phone cards.

as Shan and myself rested at a side, Shan gleefully told me, " no scared not enough memory card " and she posed as such....

soooo funny!! haha

we were eager to step out to feel the natural cooling weather. IT WAS SOOOOO SHIOK!!

our taxi to the hotel....

and yes, Shan decoded the numbers on the cab! 一生一世,五年一次!haha!


we arrived shortly at our hotel, hotel Stellar

4 Wentworth Ave  Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
+61 2 9264 9754

checking in!

our room!

its clean and rather spacious. though not the super posh style kind but its pretty decent. and i must say provided a very comfortable and rather convenient location for our trip.

we checked in, quickly unpacked a bit and headed out for lunch! we took a short stroll from our hotel and headed to this place Single Origin Roasters

60-64 Reservoir Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Ph: (02) 9211 0665
Fax: (02) 9693 2242

checking out the menu...

cute barista!

and i took pics with them! (they said they love my boots!! haha)


iced chocolate!!

milk moustache...

Joey ordered a japanese rice burger thingy...

it was crazy awesome good. Rather extraordinary. I mean yes, Mos burger has rice burger but its not as good. The rice was nicely charred to a very nice taste and the meat was good too.

i had a salt roast steak...

the steak was tender, nicely seasoned to bring out the beef taste. the mashed potatoes were also awesome and there was a small portion of bone marrow on the side. really good!

shan had the fish...

the fish was decent, the portobello mushroom below was really awesome, juicy!

and as Shan was checking the menu earlier, she wanted to request we head back here for breakfast tomorrow coz there was this banana bread with coffee butter thing that triggered her interest. Boy were we lucky, they were still serving it!

not that we were not keen to return coz the food proved to be really good. But we didnt manage to return coz there were too few meals, too many places to check out!

we had some nice macaroons...

and the banana bread with coffee butter...

the butter nicely soaked into the bread and it was mmmmm...!

we planned to head to the Hyde Park for a picnic after lunch and we walked past The Sandwich Shop which appeared like it has really good food too so we decided to da bao!

btw we commented that coz of the weather, the people in Sydney dress really well - Smartly dressed! But of coz, if in Singapore you wear suited and booted, i think people think u siao!

nice arty shot by Shan...

again, Shan initiated shot... the cigarette was created using a tissue paper rolled up! hahahaha...

krispy kreme found at the 7-11 opposite Hyde Park! But we didnt manage to eat the donuts at all! haha.. we packed but we end up keeping it in the room and conveniently forgot about it.. ok, maybe we didnt forget about it but like i said, too many food to try, too little meals!

interesting drinks! they have many nice bottled designs for my sparkling water! Zebra print leh! and shan found this virgin pina colada and virgin mojito drink...

the virgin mojito drink is soooooooooooo good! sooooo good im hooked. so good i bought 4 big bottles back. so good i emailed lipton to ask them if they would import it into singapore to sell. so good that now on fb when i see people in aussie, i shamelessly request they buy it back for me. hahahaha

Hyde Park! here we come!

many people picnic-ing around!

and in case you're wondering, hehe, SQ very generously (and unconsciously) donated a 'mat' for our picnic..... muahaha...

the weather was SOOOO GOOD!! we were happy just laying there enjoying the weather!

even the pictures taken here make us look better!!



can't remember what sandwich we got from The Sandwich Shop...

but it was good! haha

us packing up....

we headed back to the hotel to change. Before we did that, we popped by this convenience stall right beside our hotel coz we saw that they have PINK Magnum!

it was pretty good! Shan was so excited and jio-ed me to eat another one later! haha

we hurried to change and dress up to head to the Sydney Opera House!

waiting for the train...

so happy to be here, can parade and sashay around in my trench coats and boots!

the sydney bridge!

the Opera house tour...

and later tonight, we are catching the Josh Groban concert (more about that later)...

beautiful night view of the bridge...

samsung had an event hence there were some images shone on the Opera House...

Dinner was at one of the restaurants we shortlisted on Trip Advisor - Aria:

1 Macquarie St  Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
+61 2 9252 2555

walking distance from Opera House and we were really lucky... though we didnt make reservations, the restaurant took us knowing we were catching the play later so they probably knew we wouldnt stay beyond a certain time...

Aria is apparently owned by Matt Moran (whom i also duno who he is but Shan and Joey said he was one of the chef in the MasterChef Australia.. which means he should be pretty popular!).

complimentary bread...

ooo.. duno why sour one!!

we went for two 1 course (AUD$46) and one 2 courses (AUD$74) and an extra side to share.

we chose the roast pork belly for the starter for the 2 course... 

which was amazing! very crispy skin and super tender meat!

we also ordered an additional side of truffle mashed potato (AUD$15)...

very expensive but very good!

for the mains, Joey ordered the chicken which consisted of 3 main items....

another view...

the chicken was freaking impressive. Joey was especially pleased with the chicken. the chicken was tender, juicy and bouncy!!! the mac and cheese was also good. what was most impressive was the piece that looked like ngoh hiang. SUPER GOOD! crispy and just simply delectable!

the other mains we chose was the beef cheeks..

aiyooooo sooo tender, so tasty, nicely braised!

and next was the baked cauliflower with a flan...

also crazy awesome! rather uncommon dishes, very nicely done! YUMMY!

complimentary dessert...

we decided if we still have money have the next few days, we'd be back!

and ok, yes, Josh Groban concert!

ok so as you know, come all the way to Sydney, die die must visit Opera House right? and die die should watch a show there right? so joey and shan asked if i was fine with Josh Groban concert and i said yes but actually i duno who he was! well, at least not till tonight!!

Over dinner, Shan was telling me he appeared in Ally Mcbeal and the wonderful songs he sang. I probably heard like one or two? and the tickets were almost close to S$200!

concert time!

well, he wasssss pretty goodlooking.. the ba-ba kind, my type!!

but hor, maybe i was too tired, i think i slept 90% of the concert away! luckily he was humourous (i like) so the times when he sang, i'd drift off to sleep and the parts where he was talking, coz it was funny, i'd wake up! hahahahhahahaa

and coz we were seated so much to the front, i wonder if he saw me and he must think to himself, this siao kia, pay so much come my concert to sleep!!!

and as we left, we saw a small crowd at the side and we figured he might be coming out from here. and since we were tourists, it means we have nothing better to do tml morning (well, kind of), we decided to stay and be 追星一族!

and we really 追到星 !

a great day 1 in Sydney!

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