Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's like birthday came early this year!

after work today, i met my secret santa (who is now known as a fairy god friend... nick given by Joelle and i think its super cute!!) who offered to get me my long desired ferragamo shoes!

the sweetest thing is he had already called to reserve the pair i like! as we were browsing, i saw another pair which i also super love and very 帅-ly, he said.. " den just get two pairs "      


and that's not all.. we also walked over to Chanel where he got me a pair of Chanel earrings. But i took a long time to choose cos honestly i have a lot more Chanel *ahem*inspired*ahem* pairs that seem to look much prettier (haha). but i couldnt bear to 'tok' him with a Chanel bag so i chose a pair of earrings!

a most hilarious joke happened when we were at Chanel. I was whining to him that the handphone covers i ordered online for my new Samsung Note 2 has yet to arrive and in all seriousness, he replied me.. " i'm also looking for a cover for my phone... "

and den he whipped out....

a rather lao pok pok nokia!! 爆笑!

he also got me the Chanel powder that the colleagues have been raving about. I feel super pampered today!!

thank cute fairy god friend!!

loh gong zai and minako came to meet me up for dinner after fairy god friend left. we went to Au Chocolat (super miss their frozen hot chocolate!)

and jeraldine, i finally saw the choo choo train u mentioned!

today's frozen hot chocolate came served in a different glass....

but still as good!

the freezing thick milk chocolate is just awesome!

the other thing i super love is their french onion soup...

flavourful thick onion soup with a layer of melted cheese on top. wholesome goodness!

for mains, loh gong zai ordered a duck confit...

which was decent.

i ordered the set meal which came with eggs benedict and crab cakes...

again, taste decent though the combination was exciting.

minako had the smoked salmon crepe...

which was simply simple and not amazing.


their desserts look amazing but not spectacular in taste.

super happy girl today!

thank you for bringing me much joy today!

It's like birthday came early this year!

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