Sunday, March 10, 2013

Butter Girls Celebrate Kaizhi's 32!

arranged to meet up with Jo for brunch. and as most of you would know, despite my love for food and brunch food, i will still choose sleep over brunch unless its really special.

so we did go somewhere really special! We headed to Basilico!

i love Bascilico for their quality items. Not only is each and every dish yummy, its also quality food!

their array for chilled seafood...

and choice of hams...

and selection of cheese!!

and i love their pistachios! de-shelled and crunchy!

and the super awesome risotto!!

AND I MEAN SUPER AWESOME!!! truffle mushroom risotto. divine from the scent to the taste. 

the meat and roast department...

crazy awesome roast pork! thick and tender pork belly with cracking crispy skin, nicely roasted beef. omg.. they are soooo good!

and of coz, star of their brunch and what makes me wake up is the free flow foie gras!!

buffalo cheese and tomato selections...



theres this round balls seafood pasta thingy thats mad awesome. seriously! the seafood essence totally sinked into the little round balls. crazy good!


and the great thing is they offer drawing kits to children...

and finally have the chance to pass jo her christmas present..

i got her a short hair wig!

which she tried to get get Joshua to try it for her but failed miserably. she gave birth to a baby as stubborn as she is! hahaha..


after the heavy brunch, she dropped me off at liang court to meet up with the butter girls.

the heavy brunch just made me super duper sleepy. i was literally sleep walking and needed sq to support me...

today, we celebrate kaizhi's birthday! dinner is over at Hooters.

and because i was super full, i didnt really eat but these were what they ordered..

and here's my preehhh from bkk!!


a little cake for the birthday girl...

after dinner, we headed further into clarke quay's haagen daz for ice cream and chats...

happy birthday kaizhi!!

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