Monday, March 4, 2013

BKK 2013 Day 4!

our last day in bkk!

got a piece of the crepe street food...

with nutella and cashew and egg floss like thingy!

we brought dear dear over to Maedah Restaurant...

Dear Dear's friend Lat came to meet up with us and he brought us to this cafe which is said is quite popular and special. There was quite a bad jam from Pratunam area to this place but when we got there, we found the jam well worth it!

the cafe is sooooo pretty!

Mr Jones' Orphanage....

1/F Seenspace, Thong Lor Soi 13
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: 02 185 2378

this is a happy place. a cafe where its decorated with loads of teddy bears and beautiful beautiful looking cakes and pastries. The kind you will follow on instagram and wonder about how delicious it is only that you actually get to eat them here....

every single cake just looks awesome and we found ourselves spoilt for choice!

and yes, because mr lum is not around, we can order everything!!

we got seats with the company of loads of teddy bears!

they bascially have an ideal place for loads of cam whoring!

these are some of the cakes we ordered....

ok the truth is, im blogging this about more a year after i visited. what i remember is the cakes looked better than it tasted. But it definitely is a very lovely place for cam whoring.

heading home....

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