Sunday, March 3, 2013

BKK 2013 Day 3!

day 3! today will be intensive shopping!!

first meal was back to Maedah restaurant!

the complimentary cucumber and stuff...

thai iced milk tea!

but i still prefer their lime drink.. very refreshing!!

his lamb with rice...

i like their tom yam soup!

i had fish pineapple rice! it was yummy!

we also shared a hummus..

and he said this is an arabic dessert.. something along the likes of caramel pudding...

oh and the cheese omelette that arrived later...


after that was intensive shopping. i bought loads of clothes! and later we also headed to MBK!

we also did our nails, should have walked around a bit more instead of going to this shop. they are quite expensive by bkk standards....

and yes, ali did manicure too!! hahaha

dinner was at a food court like place at MBK...

dinner was so so.

my nails!

and my loot!!

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