Thursday, February 28, 2013

Will's First Pedicure

since i was on leave, arranged to meet up with crabby for lunch. we miss the pidan tofu hence we arranged to meet up at wisma food court for Koh's Grill and sushi!

Our favourite!!

we both super love pidan tofu!

we also shared a shiok maki! and these days, shiok maki got 2nd generation! even have got swordfish kind! with foie gras summore! 

these sushi chefs are so creative! they taste really good!


will came to meet up with me and accompanied me to change my currency for my trip!

we took a bus down to marina sq where i had my pedicure...

and treated him to a session too! he insisted on choosing my nail colour for me if i insist on painting his toes...

he couldn't help but agree that pedicure is freaking enjoyable and shiok! ahhahaha

lovely blue nails for him!

and mine!

and he kept saying he wants to play the piano for me....

haha.. shuai!

we caught a movie before i headed back to pack up for tomorrow!

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