Thursday, February 28, 2013

Will's First Pedicure

since i was on leave, arranged to meet up with crabby for lunch. we miss the pidan tofu hence we arranged to meet up at wisma food court for Koh's Grill and sushi!

Our favourite!!

we both super love pidan tofu!

we also shared a shiok maki! and these days, shiok maki got 2nd generation! even have got swordfish kind! with foie gras summore! 

these sushi chefs are so creative! they taste really good!


will came to meet up with me and accompanied me to change my currency for my trip!

we took a bus down to marina sq where i had my pedicure...

and treated him to a session too! he insisted on choosing my nail colour for me if i insist on painting his toes...

he couldn't help but agree that pedicure is freaking enjoyable and shiok! ahhahaha

lovely blue nails for him!

and mine!

and he kept saying he wants to play the piano for me....

haha.. shuai!

we caught a movie before i headed back to pack up for tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Very Special Arts 2013 Term 1 Week 6

today in class, the kids were taught to make stencils using paper....

our dear sherman is ever the helpful kiddo *thumbs up!*

Monday, February 25, 2013

Arnold's Chicken Delight!

Been thinking about Arnold's Chicken for awhile so Ali and myself headed there for dinner tonight....

there was a really long queue!

Arnold's fried chicken!!!

it's awesome!!! really good! crispy on the skin, tender on the meat.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Very Special Arts School Visits The Zoo!

today is the VSA's zoo visit! i volunteered and i asked Will if he was keen, was surprised he was ok to come along!

and with my heat rash/hives attacks recently, i got my anti-histamine and mini fans ready!

one for each of us!

i quite like how its very comfortable to be with him.

as we got there, we were assigned to be paired up with the kids and we were paired with Hanna and Gabriel...

and yeah, we end up giving them our little mini fans too!

and because Hanna and Gabriel were not keen to draw, we were given permission to actually roam around with them and Will proved to be very entertaining and pretty knowledgable... Hanna too! i couldnt resist asking her, " what do you read at home? Encycobedia? " hahaha

and while they got our fans, they were really sweet to also fan us...

heartwarming pics...

and finally, when it was meeting time, we went to join the rest and saw some of the drawings the kids had...

and despite volunteering for about 2 terms at VSA already, i havent had the chance to meet the facilitator, today finally got to meet Magali...

they gave us a ride over to Rice & Fries!

charming was there today!

kiss kiss!!

home made iced lemon tea made by chef ken!

Will was really funny also.. he pointed to me and told Charming " she is my girlfriend " hahaha

and for some funny reasons, Charming kept hitting Will....

the whole place was still very raw.. but they are slowly doing up the place...

i love the design they did for the center piece of the table.

we ordered a carbonara...

huge portion for its price with bacon and mushroom! yummy!

super awesome potato gratin... love it!

its really good and made by chef ken

Will had the lamb shank...

and apparently its fabulous. this is their specialty. its tender and tears out easily from the bone...

i had the chicken chop...

i really like the potato ragout!

me and charming!

xinhui came by also...

after dinner, we headed for a movie.

overall, it was a really lovely day! i think it also makes me see Will in another light.