Thursday, January 3, 2013

Peperoni-ing Tonight!

today's lunch was at Ramen Play, weixian's favourite ramen!

zhiwei ordered the curry noodles...

crystal had the katsu....

weixian and myself had the sanpou ramen...

love their sanpou ramen. soup base was good, pork belly was good, pork cheeks were great, char siew was nice!

gave zhiwei my shades and he immediately turned into Cyclops!


after work, met up with Joelle for a quick 30 mins to catch up. We met up at marmalade pantry. She ordered a chicken caesar salad with avocado and it was EXTRAORDINARY!!

considering i don't like breast meat, i LOVE their chicken breast! i love the generous amount of cheese and avocado. Its super good!

Joelle drove me over to Outram to meet up with Saphy and her friends Velda and Cham. We were going for dinner tonight at Peperoni along Frankel ave. We also picked up Sharon on the way...

this place is one of those pizza places where they serve XXL pizzas!

those super big kinds where you would want to cam whore with it! but sadly, we can only choose 2 flavours and we wanted more so we decided on 2 L sized pizzas instead.

we shared a jug of iced lemon tea...

the cupcake i tabao-ed for them

cham and velda bumped into separate groups of friends so it was hello here and hello there...


the meatballs were not very nice. not juicy in fact a bit dry.


the wings were also not interesting.

but the pizzas were good!

the four cheese with the parma ham...

i love the four cheese! the bleu cheese was strong so its damn yummy! the parma ham was also great with arugula!

the pepperoni and the bacon...

both were really good too!

and although we didnt order the XXL pizzas, we still did cam whore!

and i got pressies from Saphy from Japan!

it was a good time. Thank cute Sharon for introducing two nice new friends to me!

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