Sunday, January 20, 2013


today is our doggie and mj gathering!

jeraldine just got a toy poddle - Cadbury so we arranged for everyone to gather at my place for mj and for doggie gathering!

Cadbury has like the CUTEST expression ever!!

shawn tried to 'sell' Cadbury to Niki who is totally afraid. Shawn said.. " u see niki! clean shaven butt! "

my dear niki for some reason is not very sociable. haha.. she tends to be afraid of each and every doggie friend we introduce to her. haha

shawn was so funny, she said exchange name cards when he brought Cadbury to let Niki sniff his butt..

coz thats how doggies usually get acquainted with each other...

haha but still didnt really work! niki was still afraid! haha

dear dear with Cadbury...

while niki climbs over me coz shes afraid....

jeraldine carrying cookie while dear dear carried Cadbury...

and shawn protects niki...

and mj begins! jeraldine taught us how to eat cheezels while playing mj!

me with cookie and cadbury!

and... somehow, we got the idea of getting the doggies to pose like they're playing mj!!!

it was tough i tell u!! we were all " niki.. cookie.. cadbury!!! ".. there were times when we even had to crawl below the table to get them into positions. i shall now really appreciate those emails where people forward of animal shots. its amazing how they get the dogs to go in line!!

but the results.. were well worth it!

the pictures are all damn cute!!

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