Friday, January 25, 2013

A date less ordinary

we joked about today being a date less ordinary because we really did kind of do things that are not typical of a usual date.

first, the show i wanted to catch is no longer available so i told Will to surprise me and choose a show. Which he actually really did and even took measures to make sure i don't find out what show we are watching right till the movie started.

Even when he tried to send me the seating plan image on whether i have a preferance for seats, he made sure it doesnt show any movie title!

our movie was a late one. so we arranged to meet in town and he said he had a couple of client meetings to attend and got me to come along.

as such, we got a nice meal and an array of yummilious cakes!

super good!

and the next client meeting turned out to be an investment talk. haha.. who brings a date to an investment talk?? 

and our movie turned out to be Cloud Atlas....

even as we were seated, i didnt know what we were watching. was tempted to ask the person beside me but decided i shall enjoy the surprise.

the movie was pretty deep. lots of transition between different eras and stages etc.

but i must say, it was indeed a date less ordinary.

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