Friday, January 25, 2013

A date less ordinary

we joked about today being a date less ordinary because we really did kind of do things that are not typical of a usual date.

first, the show i wanted to catch is no longer available so i told Will to surprise me and choose a show. Which he actually really did and even took measures to make sure i don't find out what show we are watching right till the movie started.

Even when he tried to send me the seating plan image on whether i have a preferance for seats, he made sure it doesnt show any movie title!

our movie was a late one. so we arranged to meet in town and he said he had a couple of client meetings to attend and got me to come along.

as such, we got a nice meal and an array of yummilious cakes!

super good!

and the next client meeting turned out to be an investment talk. haha.. who brings a date to an investment talk?? 

and our movie turned out to be Cloud Atlas....

even as we were seated, i didnt know what we were watching. was tempted to ask the person beside me but decided i shall enjoy the surprise.

the movie was pretty deep. lots of transition between different eras and stages etc.

but i must say, it was indeed a date less ordinary.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brotzeit with The Lions

today is the lions gathering! but boss forgot about our date!!  we decided to still meet up anyway coz its been awhile since we met up...

it was nice catching up! it really is great to have corp secs turned good friends! love u all!

till our next gathering!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Very Special Arts - 2013 Term 1 Week 3

today, we continue learning how to draw potraits in class. francis came up with lines and circles and triangles to put things into perspectives to the kids...

initially, a few of them were reluctant to follow strictly but subsequently, everyone still managed to have a good drawing with their own style...

me with shiao mei.. she's really cute, always very happy!

cavan whose drawing reminded many of us of PSY - oppa gangdam style! haha

and sherman tried to tell me he is muscle man!!

and i'm really happy that kok chin kept to our pinky promise last week, to start drawing immediately today!

i always feel happy after every lesson.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


today is our doggie and mj gathering!

jeraldine just got a toy poddle - Cadbury so we arranged for everyone to gather at my place for mj and for doggie gathering!

Cadbury has like the CUTEST expression ever!!

shawn tried to 'sell' Cadbury to Niki who is totally afraid. Shawn said.. " u see niki! clean shaven butt! "

my dear niki for some reason is not very sociable. haha.. she tends to be afraid of each and every doggie friend we introduce to her. haha

shawn was so funny, she said exchange name cards when he brought Cadbury to let Niki sniff his butt..

coz thats how doggies usually get acquainted with each other...

haha but still didnt really work! niki was still afraid! haha

dear dear with Cadbury...

while niki climbs over me coz shes afraid....

jeraldine carrying cookie while dear dear carried Cadbury...

and shawn protects niki...

and mj begins! jeraldine taught us how to eat cheezels while playing mj!

me with cookie and cadbury!

and... somehow, we got the idea of getting the doggies to pose like they're playing mj!!!

it was tough i tell u!! we were all " niki.. cookie.. cadbury!!! ".. there were times when we even had to crawl below the table to get them into positions. i shall now really appreciate those emails where people forward of animal shots. its amazing how they get the dogs to go in line!!

but the results.. were well worth it!

the pictures are all damn cute!!