Monday, December 10, 2012

Tickled by JJ

its so apparent to anyone to calls me now that i am sick. i have like the sexiest blocked nose voice - FLU BUG ALL OVER - been 6 days and counting

and after numerous times of me dozing off on him before he calls or im out or im busy, today he decided to call directly and i guess its a good move. haha.. but he hears my sick voice and i whine to him about the same old thing i have been whining to him about for the past 4 months or so...

he's sweet giving me his listening ears ... minus away the annoying times when he speaks of his same problem but for his its a happy problem and him reminding me how he offered a Hong Kong trip which i declined  *BIG PINCH THERE*

and finally, he made me LUFF OUT LOUD when he said.. " 不知道是不是我害了你"

i was like.. Huh?

and he said.. " coz i taught you so much on *a certain product* "


want to know what?  Ask me.

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