Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Delectable Xmas Meal Specially Prepared by my Fav Couple!

its with much anticipation that i head over to Joey and Shan's place today. They are whipping up a festive meal for me today!

They were really sweet, they timed the steak to be done just as i arrived so that it is just right!

it was a huge piece of gourmet wagyu steak!

and it was sooo juicy with that right beefy taste....

it was awesome!

the 3 of us each had a portion and we finished it in no time!

next up, was another impressive item. its foie gras!

they got this from the french restaurant Jaan....

the small cute little buns at the side are little truffle brioche. the foie gras terrine is sooo good! its got layers of truffles in between and chocolate at the top. i mean seriously, the LOOK of it itself already makes me excited! the taste was great! it all looks so xmas-y!!

next there was also turkey!

and shan went on to do up the ravioli...

salmon ravioli! they are really spoiling me!!

and check out their serviettes! they are xmas serviettes with snowflakes! matches my nails!!

after the scrumptious dinner, we exchanged our gifts!

i got joey a cupcake maker and shan a beanie she can use for her upcoming trip to italy and loads of earrings ...

they got me a pair of earring as well!

we went on to our usual practice, movies! caught a good show - Pitch Perfect followed by their introduction of Running Man. Hilarious korean variety show!

again, i had a great time with them!

amazing sweet couple, wonderful characters.

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