Monday, December 17, 2012

Because the Squirrel said she misses the Prawn!

Saphy also got me Yoku Moku! and she said, if i don't collect it soon, sharon is gona get her bear claws on my box! haha..

my schedule is pretty much packed all the way till almost the new year, minus xmas and xmas eve where they won't be around in singapore so when my slot opened up for today, we kind of thought about meeting up even though she didnt bring the yoku moku out! haha..

and initially, i was feeling extremely lazy, had wanted to head home after work for all the xmas wrappings but Saphy sweet talked me into meeting them because she said she really missed me. Awwwww!

so after work, i went all the way to Parkway to meet up with them.

Sharon had cravings for thai express so it was there we went!

i can't remember what we were talking about but sharon's expression is just funny!

and sharon decided to treat for dinner.. when the server decided to give her like about 10 5 cent coins and one fall into the sauce, she got annoyed and decided to throw in a few more like its a wishing well!


after dinner, they wanted ice cream so they brought me to Scoopz...

their coffee ice cream is heavenly! very naise!

thank you bear and squirrel for being such great friends! i wish i can join u in hk too! =(

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