Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Demoralizing Instagram

Recently got officially introduced to Instagram by crabby. She's so hooked. I tried it a few days and I find it damn bloody demoralizing!

I basically try to 'copy' crabby by following the people she follows and understandably, she follows those damn Chio women who so happen to also be damn wu lui etc. I mean of coz, they lead a life less ordinary which is what makes their Instagram interesting to follow!

But gradually u will realise, there are damn a lot of these women, their beauty alone makes them enviable. And if that's not enuff, these people like no need to zhor gang one! Everyday it's dolling up, looking pretty, happy happy go traveling (Europe, USA, Hong Kong, etc)... Happy happy go shopping... Suka suka got new bag!!!!! Sometimes enjoy enjoy bake a few cakes.

Why life so unfair????? :(