Monday, October 29, 2012

My Sweet Sweet Charming!

Charming is just... simply.. incredibly awesome! How not to fall in love with this boy??

Xinying texted me tonight asking if i could facetime. we tried connecting but sadly, not sure if its my phone or my wifi, it just couldnt get connected. we tried probably about 7 - 8 times.

so Xinying resorted to sending me audio messages on the Line.

Sadly, i duno how to transfer those audio messages else i can share them with you and let you hear how SWEET my charming is! the messages range from..

" Good night princess "

" Princess.. what are you doing? Princess do you miss me? "

" Hello princess, can you hear me? "

" I miss you princess.. good night princess... sweet dreams *muacks* "

" Princess i know how to play the travellers police car "

" Tml im going to school.. i miss you whole day today "

all these in his incredibly sweet sweet voice!!


he makes me crazy la! i went from restarting my phone to restarting my router blah blah blah!

and Xinying told me he couldnt sleep as well coz he misses me.. so we resorted to good old phone call and he told me.. " Princess, cannot drink too much, must take care of yourself "

AWWWwwwww... although its taught by my prospective mother-in-law (Xinying) but still, hearing it from his mouth is just... SOOOOOOO INCREDIBLY SWEET.

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