Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mel & Fishy's Mummy Talk

Mel mel came down for lunch with us. we did lunch at Ichiban Boshi and the two began their mummy shopping chat..

after work, fishy and i went for a quick hair cut....

i have asked like a million people a million times each till everyone almost got annoyed about whether i should have sweep side fringe or bangs.

anyway questions like these comes up time to time! the other one is long or short.. oh the other other one is straight or curls. hahahah

anyway, bangs!  even though majority of them told me they prefer me in sweep side fringe (even ah hui, my hair stylist) haha..

fishy looks amazing here...

and today, jonathan delivered the yoku moku he got me to my office...

and i did my nails for loh gong zai's wedding this sunday...

Staying positive

Everyday I'm telling myself:
- stay positive
- do not be defeated
- do not be affected
- life still goes on

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Today I'm hanging in mid air.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week 5 at the Very Special Arts School

Joelle asked for lunch and we arranged to meet in between my appointments.



and as luck would have it, i received a text during lunch from Jonathan saying he also got me a box.

U cannot imagine how great an honour it is to know about it. Jonathan is an associate from my previous job with OCBC. In short, he actually refer deals to me. He and his company have been really supportive while i was there and we kept in touch even after i left. And sometimes its really after you leave that you realise how much people value your services. He really made me feel very good about what i do. In fact, not just him, even Stella and her customers and a few other of my associates.

So it really is a huge surprise to hear from Jonathan that he actually got me a box of Yoku Moku!

it really brightens up my day.. and it assures me that someone actually appreciates me for what i do.. not like....

anyway, after another intensive day at work, i headed to VSA. Today Francis decided on the theme Halloween! He started with a big word on the white board and started to get everyone up to mindmap and sort of think and expand on halloween, the common things associated and etc

sherman came up with two words which he said was some candy.. no idea whats that! haha..

faith likes marshmallow!

cavan's michael jackson spirits...

sherman's layers of thoughts...

which eventually turned into his idea of spooky...

beatrice eventually decided on drawing spaghetti with penguin and dolphin...

i particularly like weng guan's piece...

cavan playing with weng guan after they were done with their drawing...

kok hwee's halloween... wonderful mix of colour...

and i went home, to enjoy my yoku moku...

Much loved!

Today Joelle helped me get a box of yoku moku!

Jonathan surprised me with a box too!

It turned my totally grouchy and angry day to a much loved one!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Ramen Play with Bernard

today is one of the random free day for the month. Yes, this month has really been mad packed and i have a plan, a deliberate attempt to keep next month very free.

I seem to be enjoying (REALLY ENJOYING) be at home time. Especially when i can just sleep and watch whatever nice drama/sitcoms i can get my hands on... or just.. Sleep (yes, i realise i just said that earlier).

anyway, bernard last minute asked for dinner so we went. intially, we were not sure on where to head to.. until i suggested QQ Rice balls. I have been pretty INTO these lately to be honest. i think they taste so good!

i like that mouthful of warm rice (particularly like the purple rice texture) to mouthfuls of meat/sea weed/tuna etc. i guess it kind of also makes me feel 'good' thinking its actually quite healthy.

i see they also have porridge now. tempted to try but still like my rice balls.

also, i really like their purple rice pudding. like pulau hitam pudding! yummy!

and of coz, with bernard, one place for dinner never really settles. so tonight is my recommendation no. 2!

Ramen Play!

so yes, from Novena we headed over to Katong 112...

determined not to order 2 bowls of ramen, we ordered one Santou Ramen but added loads of tops ups!

and i actually forgot to take a picture of the ramen. he agreed with me the soup base taste good and the pork cheeks are especially tender!

the dango meatballs are also yummy!

so is the bamboo minced meat...

and he still wants coffee so we headed to mooshi bakes where he ordered a butterscotch milk....

heavenly this thing! but i sticked to just stealing a mouth. hahah

My Sweet Sweet Charming!

Charming is just... simply.. incredibly awesome! How not to fall in love with this boy??

Xinying texted me tonight asking if i could facetime. we tried connecting but sadly, not sure if its my phone or my wifi, it just couldnt get connected. we tried probably about 7 - 8 times.

so Xinying resorted to sending me audio messages on the Line.

Sadly, i duno how to transfer those audio messages else i can share them with you and let you hear how SWEET my charming is! the messages range from..

" Good night princess "

" Princess.. what are you doing? Princess do you miss me? "

" Hello princess, can you hear me? "

" I miss you princess.. good night princess... sweet dreams *muacks* "

" Princess i know how to play the travellers police car "

" Tml im going to school.. i miss you whole day today "

all these in his incredibly sweet sweet voice!!


he makes me crazy la! i went from restarting my phone to restarting my router blah blah blah!

and Xinying told me he couldnt sleep as well coz he misses me.. so we resorted to good old phone call and he told me.. " Princess, cannot drink too much, must take care of yourself "

AWWWwwwww... although its taught by my prospective mother-in-law (Xinying) but still, hearing it from his mouth is just... SOOOOOOO INCREDIBLY SWEET.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crabby said im incredibly funny when im drunk!

i thought im always funny!! hahahha

Ditchi's first birthday with us!

today is Ditchi's first birthday with us. When i asked her what she would like for her birthday meal, she chose buffet bbq so we headed to crystal jade korean bbq!

Ditchi with her birthday 'present'...

oh and mum is wearing the 'preeehhh' from clammy's bkk trip.... suits her better!

back at home, mummy got Ditchi a cake...

ya, i looked so awkward in that position. haha

jia jia and mei mei joined us.

and after the cake cutting, i had fun painting Ditchi and mei mei's nails. trying to do nail art....

clearly, i suck at it! i better stick to nail stickers! hahaha

Saturday, October 27, 2012


today was supposed to be meeting up with saphy and phyllis but as phyllis was unwell and so was i, we rescheduled. I was puking the night before, not sure why.

so when crabby texted and asked me.. " what are you doing tonight at 10pm? ", my reply was.. " probably nua at home, try a bit of painting or watch some DVDs "

den she told me.. " i can come out tonight, around 10 pm " hahaha.. so it was a date.. machiam like 偷情lidat! Must wait till partner not around or not looking then can meet / text / call! haha

ya, sadly, sometimes when we try to find time to meet, its really machiam like star crossed lovers! haha

anyway, she texted me again later to say that her 'bff' Jack was also going to be joining us.. and of coz, he is more than welcome!

We decided on The Cufflinks Club!

see how these 2 have the same expressions!


first drink for tonight, i wanted something with Gin....

it was not bad. and im a terrible drinker! by one glass, i was all gigglish and telling the both of them that.. " hey... i feel kinda high already! "

and so since crabby *cough*kind of cannot take too close pics with jack *cough*, it was me and jack, 2 singles to get all SO SWEET~

check out Alex's tattoo...  so nice!

with alex the cutie!

with Joel the handsome!

make a guess what's making Jack soooo happy!!

my second glass was chosen for me by Alex...

not sure what this is called but i didnt really like it.

final shots before Jack was leaving to meet someOneS...

i like this following pic! swee!

love their parma ham!

*cough*youdidntjustsawthat *cough*

and my 3rd glass, sweet shop sling!

its very nice! its sweet, a little frizzy and especially nice when you take a bite of the candy where they imported from England and go with a slip of the alcohol, its very yummy! the whole texture of the chewy changes! it becomes kind of frizzy too, damn nice!!

sadly, i couldn't finish my final glass because halfway through, i could feel it, i was nauseous and all ready to go home QUICK. coz i was soooo sleepy.

As soon as we left Cufflinks, i puked and crabby was luffing away saying.. " omg, i know you so long, this is the first time i see you puke "

I like The Cufflinks Club! I always have a good time there!

and i love you Crabby! To more  偷情 times with you!