Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Silent MJ Session

it was supposed to be ktv night but last minute, becky and jera asked if mj is preferred instead. so considering i just sang two nights ago.. i guess mj was the obvious choice!

today is also the first time im trying shooter pay. so stressed.

and i was soooo sleepy coz they took a while to come over and i had a freaking busy day at work. so by the time they came over i was all drowsy already.

terence and becky were as usual, their hyper self with lotsa of fun and laughter... although i was too stone to respond accordingly.

and if you think the latest hit is Oppa Gangnam style, you are so wrong! the top hit amongst us today is Fei Yu Qing's 天上人間! - " 树上小鸟啼 "~~

shawn joined us as well and it got to a point when they were so noisy, shawn suggested we have a silent competition. whoever made noise first would have to pay $5 to each other!

so when terence had a zi mo, this is what he did!


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