Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cupcakey Day!

My right hand is aching. particularly my palm and my thumb!! i think its the after effects of excessive texting, gaming and reading on the iphone!!! so painful! the ache is damn bad!

but today is exciting!

squiddy was showing me her nails when we headed to clammy's birthday celebration last week and her cupcake nails were sooooooo cute!

i immediately made an appointment with her for a cupcake nails manicure session! I totally made her give me an available slot and slot myself in! haha

she showed me what she did for her sister....

awwww so cute!!!

she's damn good la!!

best of all, this manicure session is free one! haha

my cupcakey nails with cupcakey earrings!

after the session, i went on to get a hair cut followed by dinner with shan and joey. they asked me what i was craving for and i told them i have cravings for EAT's laksa! haha so we headed to Bugis for it.

after dinner, we bought some cupcakes and headed over to their place for movies night!

we got cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes...

what a cupcakey day! haha

the twelve cupcakes this time round proved to be better than my first try the other time with joelle. It is more moist and pretty yummy.

check out my new hair cut!

shan w the red velvet!

we watched the movie piranha, not very scary (just a bit but expected parts) but damn funny!

and as always, its always very fun times with this couple. I totally enjoyed myself and they make me feel that there are still very nice people around.

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