Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When do u think was my happiest time since u know me?

In a fone conversation with JJ

JJ: " how are you? "

Me: " about the same, not much difference since I last updated you "

JJ: " no change? "

Me: " noooope... "

Me: " hmm... Seriously, since u got to know me till now, when do u think i I was the happiest? "

JJ: " hmmm... When u were crazy about me? "

Me: " HAHAHAHA! Sibei 不要脸!"

But on a serious note, he said that's what he honestly felt.

He said I was oblivious to his faults and that whoever came along over these years either made me feel sad or guilty or something else.

Which to a large extent, I think he'a right... That during that period of time, i was constantly grinning from ear to ear about JJ coz he was just so fine, so intelligent and im a sucker for smart guys.

I never felt it was possible between us coz he remained so much of a different level.

It was also during that period that I believe lea would agree with me that that period was one of the happiest period of our lives. Where we could go out till wee hours all the time n have fun and laughter filled days.

But, it could also be the time factor, that blurs off most of the unhappy stuff and the heart keeps tugging on to the happy memories. which.. happens to every other aspect of our lives too

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