Friday, July 27, 2012

Vegan Burg + Games Night!

as our appointment was near Eunos and Crystal has raved to us about how Vegan Burg tastes like real meat, we decided to head over to check it out!

crystal had difficulty with the sauce dispenser...

so Zhi wei went to help!

their alert device informing on orders that are ready.. a lot of dining places seem to be using this!

i ordered a shrooms burger..

hmmm.. it doesnt exactly taste like vegetables but it actually didnt felt that meaty. maybe coz i set my expectations too high hence i was looking forward to it tasting really like meat.

also ordered their sides of some spinach and potato balls and sausage franks...

the spinach and potato balls taste a bit like those malay nasi padang potato balls but a not so nice version. in fact exterior is a bit hard.

the sausage franks does really taste like the real chicken sausage but the really low quality kind (ie. not nice). but it really does taste like the real chicken sausage....

overall, wei xian and myself concluded it was worth an experience but we don't foresee we'd be back anytime soon. haha.. we still like our meat!

after work was games night at Duxton! together with shan, joey, joanne, randal!

more munchkins!

my eyes were very dry...

and starwars monopoly!

always fun! although coz we started late, i was damn sleepy n tired. yet we still played till almost like 4am! haha

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