Friday, August 24, 2012

The cheer-me-up Brussel Sprouts

its a trashy day. its a day when u knowingly know that u wont do good.

its a day when u know its something u can do well in yet u know u will fare badly in coz for some reasons while preparing for it, the mental block doesnt go away. Yet u dont have enuff time to remove the mental block.

and its like proving people right. i guess what makes me feel worst is that, i feel like i cant forgive myself!

i just keep telling myself, to just do what i deem right, to try my best to stay optimistic.

after work, headed to do my nails.. den dinner... 

and i felt like i needed someone to make me feel better.. and i know just the person who can do it... it was funny how the said person said he knows why he makes me happy. he said he just needs to sit there and as long as i know i can make him miserable and i will be happy. haha..

we went to brussel sprouts again...

my beautiful nails!


their mains were not available so no yummy roast pork belly so we had this not so nice beef and ham skewers..

very yummy fries...

and i probably ordered the wrong type of mussels....

ya and after food, i do feel better.

thank you for coming all the way to 哄我开心!

and thank you for recapping this to me:


haha.. this song is dedicated to you!

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