Thursday, August 23, 2012

i can feel my old-ness

seriously..... yesterday, met up with the lions babes for dinner and i was so tired i completely forgot to take any pic. this has almost never happened before! dont talk about people or things that im not allowed to post about but to completely just sit through the whole session and not whip out my mighty camera is really just ... never happened before.

and i could even explain to ren yin how this friendship thingy works.. how when u are young, or when everyone is young, at times of parting, everyone claims to make a conscientious effort to stay in touch. but gradually as u put in effort after effort to organise gatherings after gatherings with the same old people constantly finding excuses or putting ur gathering as their lowest priority or simply just shoot aeroplanes, u eventually stop asking them. And as a result, you slowly know who are the people that will grow old with u.. who will still meet and gather with u even when you are 40, 50, 60 or even 70 etc (anyway, dont think i will live that long la!)

 and today had to stand for the full day.. by about 3 plus when wei xian and i went for a short break, as we took seats, we both went.. " ahhhhhhhh ".... a total relief from standing the whole day. our bones were breaking!!!

thank god, after work today, while i was waiting for loh gong zai and minako to arrive at tanjong pagar, i managed to sneak a 30 mins of massage at this china massage place at tanjong pagar plaza. this place has proved to be a great source of relief to my backaches and its not too expensive. located at level 2 for anyone whos keen! dont expect spa standard but a decent room.

another stressful day tml... till then!

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