Sunday, August 26, 2012

你是 'free' 的

extremely tickled by ah mah pig's statement. she shared this in our watsapp group after our eventful night at the club. she said when she got home, she gave ah gong a good hug and said to him.. " ahhhh.... 你是 'free' 的 " hahaha.. and she can hug and touch and do whatever! hahaha

and for the whole day, i was sharing my infatuation for Bong bong bong! although he is not my typical type! hahaha ... but like meina said.. " 男人都是没良心的,since u are going to get hurt eventually, might as well find a 帅的 " 真是至理名言!hahaha .. so yeah, so much for my 不太高,带点丑,眯眯眼

the girls spent a whole day excitedly chatting about the night. but nah, doubt we'll be back anytime soon. haha

and i've gotten a flu.. not sure if its coz of the super cold aircon last night.. i need a good rest!

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