Saturday, July 14, 2012

Should be

i should be blogging.. or updating my latest pics.. or headed to the maid agency to settle the headache (really a headache).. but im back online at ebay trying to look for my prada bag..

i guess i realised when something really bad happens, it puts me off from blogging for a period simply coz i typically dont like to skip days (if possible) yet i will not feel like penning down a sad day. so i'd keep putting it off ... and den i'll also put off other things that happens along the way.

but life has been busy... which is good coz it keeps my mind off things i do not wish to be thinking about and hopefully with my bad memory these days, i can actually forget them!

on a extremely happy note............ I FOUND MY BURBERRY BLUE LABEL!! (my life is now complete! haha) and its only $150! its really 有志者事竟成!Like what i always believed, we should work towards what we want and i never stopped looking! i went through creative ways to find it! although it sets me back again on my financials coz im stringing on my limited cash... waiting for my next pay to arrive only after july....

but i still cant help but check out if there are those good deals on my prada bag.. maybe im just afraid it gets discontinued like the blue label and i wont be able to find it anymore...

i am even thinking about selling away my chanel to get it but i think i may just regret it later...

ok, will blog (soon)!

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