Monday, July 23, 2012

Belated Birthday Treat from Loh Gong Zai

Good morning world!!

very happy with the fact that i managed to wake up early and blow my hair nice nice! this hair is really much effort! and only my close colleagues know how much i have invested in hair products over the past month! its was so funny that almost every other day we'd visit watsons and guardian ... came to a point Wei Xian asked me.. " you are their shareholder? every day need to go check stock? " and i replied.. " ya, i need to make sure they have business!! " hahaha

after work today, loh gong zai came to pick me up for a belated birthday celebration for me. couldnt really decided on what to have so we checked out where Amex plat card holders gets 50% off! so decided on robertson quay's brasserie wolf!

loh gong zai took a wrong turn at toa payoh which landed us to bishan den to novena den to newton n OMG, that newton round about took us about ONE HOUR to get pass! scary!

finally, we reached robertson quay for our dinner!

some beer that loh gong zai chose...

and beef tartare that he ordered...

this beef tartare is a little too strongly seasoned in my view. so much so that it caused the beef taste to be lost in between the sourish pickle like pieces.

for mains, i had the beef bourguignon....

it is OMG........

SO GOOD!! so tender with such greattttt sauce! I actually drank the sauce like it was soup. SOOOO YUMMY!

loh gong zai had the pork cheeks...

also really good! the pork was a little hard in a very bouncy kind of way which really makes it very yummy! i like it!

mashed potato to share..

and aside from a good meal, i got presents too!

from Minako!!

Japan stuffs are really so pretty! those floral bags and my absolute fav is the Yoku Moku cigare biscuits. omg, they are the besttttttt!! why don't they import over and sell them in singapore *whine*

and its really sweet of Minako to have got me the pouch and a watch (though actually i dont wear watches.. haha) but she doesnt know and its really the lovely thought that counts!

i love my Niki, she is just soooooo cute!

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