Thursday, May 31, 2012

I was Saphy's Minnie Mouse for today!

its interesting how fb status-es can bring about a dinner gathering!

today we check out yomenya goemon at citylink mall!

kaizhi recommended this but before we could try it together, she has flew over to usa!

the forgettable miso soup...

but the pastas are DAMN GOOD in my view!

first, i was totally spoilt for choice when i looked at the menu! i love their menu! its filled with pictures of all the items and even the price is damn appealing! each pasta is only about $12.90 to $14.90! so cheap!

i had so many items i wanted to try!

they also have 3 half and half sets although for each set, the choice for the half and half is fixed. i went for set C ($20) where it had a carbonara and a clam aglio... Saphy ordered the same set as me!

both were damn good in my view. both the pasta texture were good. its not overly soft and i like it this way.

the cream sauce was good! Izzy, Sharon and myself liked it. Saphy for some reasons didnt. haha

the aglio wise, i loved it too! Saphy and Izzy found it not spicy enough.

Izzy had a cold pasta which is with sesame sauce...

this is damn nice as well! its chilled and the sesame sauce was really good!

and yes, saphy said i look like Minnie Mouse! Sharon said just by looking at me in this outfit, they feel cheerful already! hahaha

sharon's pasta with some mentaiko sauce (i think, im not sure)..

which is also pretty good! i sense i will be back here quite often!

and our set comes with choice of a drink or dessert which we chose dessert!/

saphy chose the cheesecake...

its pretty awesome!

i had the chocolate cake with ice cream...

which was just decent.

we headed over to andersens for ice cream coz standard chartered sent me vouchers! i thought i could use both $10 vouchers. turned out to use both i had to spend $60 instead of $30. -.- so calculative. i feel so tio pianz! i hate fine prints!

saphy complained that the chairs were smelly and said she had to smell me as air freshener! haha

so izzy had to change seats with saphy...

our andersen's classic!

sharon and izzy's earl grey...

and the yummy banana bread with macademia ice cream...

and saphy made me pose with my full dress (not that im complaining, im a cam whore! i love it!)

and instructed to add in minnie mouse's ears!

Find Niki!

where's niki???

hahahaha.. instead of gardening, i have been spring cleaning. i've cleared my clothes, my make up a bit of my accessories and today its the shoes! clear clear clear!

Cousin's ideas to save money

Me:" cousin I will be damn broke for two months! My June pay will only come in July and my July pay will only come in aug! "

Cousin: " stay home no need spend money "

Me: " but its birthday month, need to go out "

Cousin: " change padlock throw away the keys ... Or tio chicken pox "

Me : -.-"""

Finally got my lok lok!


what an encounter as i left the house today! i was just 4 steps away from the bus and i had my hand flagged out but the stupid blind bus driver just didnt see me.

i had no choice but to quickly grab a cab to the mrt station and when a cab stopped, because it was around 7 plus, it was very dark, i suddenly seemed to see another figure swinging its little arms beside the driver and i just screamed! it looked like a monkey!

turns out it was the driver's daughter!

i took the cab to the mrt station and the driver was asking me.. " are you scared of ghost? "

i was thinking.. how should i tell him i thought his daughter was a monkey!


mad creepy feeling!

he tried to cross sell me asking me where i'm going and why not just take the cab there...  i was already totally freaked out and just want to get out!

plus, i need to save money terribly! crabby has warned me about how my pay this month will be delayed and my next pay from my new place will only come way after one month after i start. which means i probably have no pay for about a month! thinking of my bills, i shudder! especially after the hong kong trip!

cry father cry mother!! boo hoo!

met up with jasmine and dear dear at 313....

i skipped dinner as part of my saving money plan! haha

it was a nice gathering! we had interesting conversations!

we accompanied jasmine over to cineleisure to buy movie tixs and began cam whoring over there.....


and after my previous call on fb to go jb, bernard and i have been trying to arrange. its either im overseas or i need to work next day or he had overseas guests etc. finally today we felt we could arrange something so he was so nice to actually drive to my place to pick up my passport and come over to orchard to pick me up!

and i got to have my ah biao wanton mee!!!

super miss!!

what i love most about ah biao wanton mee, is the noodles itself! very not me coz im the kind who would usually not touch much of the noodles/rice/bread. but in this case,t he noodles are just mighty tasty to me! i globbled it down!

and bernard who claims he was not hungry, couldnt resist the abalone noodles that he liked....

there has been some changes to this area. ah biao has opened up another shop replicating the abalone noodles shop beside. touting is very seriously done over here. quite scary!!

after the supper, i needed to pee! i was going to ask bernard to wait for me outside the petrol station when he suggested a more posh toilet! haha.. we headed to paragon hotel just to just the toilet!

and since we had already paid 3 ringgit for toilet, we went up to explore their sky lounge!

beautiful malaysia view...

next stop was the car wash followed by my lok lok!!

bernard doesnt take any of the veg at all!!

i love these to the bits!!!

its super nice la! i had to force it down him!

thanks for the jb trip and treat!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fishy's birthday celebration 2012 - where the clam had hangover

arranged to meet the seafoodies to celebrate fishy's birthday at Wild Honey. Clam was craving for all day breakfast but she end up shooting aeroplane coz she was having a hangover. haha

squiddy made reservations for the one at scotts square...

i was slightly late so they had already started eating.

i had a vegeapple juice...

and i shared a European with crabby. its eggs benedict with parma ham rolled around the poached egg and hollandise sauce...

the egg was pretty good. i didn't really eat the bread coz im not a bread person. overall its nice but not worth the $22.

but one thing is for sure, im not coming back here again if i can help it.

As you may already know, good food aside, im also all about service. I mean, we don't pay service charge for nothing. Also, i believe a big part of F&B is also about the service. People want to enjoy their meals. As Wild Honey would put it - No Place Like Home. You do want people to feel comfortable and enjoy their meal right? that's why you are charging a premium for your eggs and ham right? and thats why we suckers pay for it right? Den jolly well offer some good service.

fishy asked the person for a bowl to feed lil nano. The server told her they don't have bowls. fishy asked them " then how do you serve your soup? " when they finally relented and gave her a bowl. I mean SERIOUSLY, borrow a bowl is so hard on you??

you would make nano pissed off too!

and crabby actually bought cakes for me from a confectionary near her place....

its supposed to have pretty good cakes in baileys, martini flavours etc. So she said it taste better when its chilled so we requested for the server to help us fridge it. We did not even request to eat it here. We understand the no outside food allowed policy.

But, they told us no.

its just borrowing a little space of your big fridge for AWHILE while we complete our meal. i don't get it. which restaurant these days rejects such requests? Got. Wild Honey lo. I asked the person for the reason for such policy, he just said " our chef don't allow ". Fine. I'm sure Wild Honey will remain popular for quite awhile but i for one will not want to come back and pay for overpriced breakfast tagged with bad service. Taste is decent, decor is great but doesnt make up for the stuck up service in my view.

ok, enough about the bad experience, moving on to the fun parts of today!

cute nano!!

she's quite a poser! when she notice the camera facing her, she will actually smile and pose!!

nano just gets cuter by the day!

and then there was my hk preeehhh...

turns out i got all the same ones for them...

i actually had a bag of pinks and whites but coz i was in a rush, i told aishah to choose any 3 to add into my bag today. haha

crabby wanted to take pic with the ribbon...

but ribbon cannot really be seen! so i told crabby " actually you just want to take photo right? nvm la "

den she pout and told me " no.. i want to take with the ribbon! " hahaha...

fishy and squiddy got another preeehhh.. which is a blingz ribbon handphone cover...

we quickly finished our meal and headed over to far east to finish our cakes....

the left one is called lychee martini and the right side one is called baileys. both are nice but the baileys one is nicer!

nano was sooooo cute, she totally looked like she just wants to dip her face into the cakes!

i actually missed this cake when crabby bought it for squiddy's birthday. the day when i got glue sticking me to my cosy bed! haha.. so thanks crabby for remembering to bring me the cake...

attempted self group pic with squiddy cut off!

decided to do it seperately!

nano actually kind of looks like squiddy hor?

nano brought us much much joy! see how she jiak with fishy!

and although fishy already said the burberry inspired dress i got for fish is too big for her, we tried to make her lup it on to take photo and it was hilarious!

and some things never change! she's even trying to inherit it to nano!! hahaha...

proper group pics...

we happen to realise we always end up here at far east. haha... even when it used to be shi nai.

and completed my task of adding clammy in!!

izzy came to pass me his old iphone 3g for my work...