Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Buay Paiseh Meh?

i was working from home today when i saw a facebook notification saying PK (not the said person's real name) added a picture of me. Immediately i knew, must be one of those products he is selling. and yes, its one of those MLM products. he has previously sent me a fb message telling me about what he has and to recommend friends who may be keen so i responded with a polite  ' will let you know if i do '.

luckily, i was home and i could switch on my computer to untag myself and remove it from my wall. along with myself, i saw him tag alot of other people. and den as soon as i untagged myself, another notification came. same thing happened. Again, i untagged myself. Although, actually i think people in general can't see pictures i've been tagged in uploaded by others (that is, if the irritating facebook privacy settings never changed). they keep changing till i can't keep up and can't be bothered anymore!

so there, my work laptop on one side, my personal laptop on another and suddenly i saw updates in newsfeed. PK made a statement saying something along the line of " for those people whom i've tagged and doesnt want to be tagged can just untag themselves.. and while you are at it, please delete me off from your friend list. it is fine if you dont want to buy / support me but is it so hard to share them with your friends who may need them? facebook is free anyway and anyone can just post anything on your wall " (i can't remember word for word and i can't retrieve coz said loser has deleted off the posts)

i read and i told myself.. ok junie.. don't tai chi liao liao... anyway i have loads of calls to make so i went on to do my work. subsequently, some hero spoke. one of his friend politely replied something along the line of " bro, i untagged myself so does it mean i should remove myself off your friend list?

dude, facebook is like a personal homepage to most people and there are contents which people may deem undesirable, offensive, not agreeable with one's values, < and i can't remember what words he used>.

also, permission would be good "

thats the gist of what the friend said. i can't remember word for word but the friend replied it pretty politely. i hesitated for a long while if i should give it a 'like' although i've already seen 3 likes!

so i did.

and PK replied something along the line of " i have 600 over friends on my fb, if i need to go on to ask permission from all 600, i would become fossil already "

subsequently, a few other not so substantial replies den..... PK replied again. to say  " not that im being sexist but if you noticed its the girls on my facebook kicking up a big fuss about being tagged. its usually the guys who dont care and just leave it there. if they dont like it they can just remove the tag, i dont see what is the problem "

since i already untagged myself, i received no notifications of the comments on the pics so i went to take a look. there are like one or two girls who commented along the lines of...

" please untag "

and that kind hero replied to say " you can also untag yourselves "

and that loser tagger replied to say " yes, as per what hero said, you can untag yourselves "

and the girls replied...

" i am on my mobile, not able to untag. please untag "

" i am receiving notifications flood. please untag "

how is anyone making a fuss except yourself? people just simply DON'T LIKE to be associated with your product, CANNOT MEH? and these people aren't even rude - YOU ARE.

and truth is this is not the first time after he went into this MLM business that he made such snide remarks about friends who are unsupportive. i mean seriously, if every friend MUST support every friend for simi sai they are selling, everyone will become broke!

and den .... i BUAY LUN LIAO LO.

so i replied...

i did not want to speak to incur your wreath further but aren't you being a little too extreme and unreasonable?

We appreciate you wanting to share with us/our friends about what you deem as good sharing. but shouldn't we have a say as to what we want to share or not want to share with OUR OWN friends? And just because of this, you want to unfriend people who don't help you? No one is obliged to help you. Not to put it in a harsh way but no matter how miracle your recommendation is, we have a choice whether we want to take it/share it.

I understand doing sales you would like to leverage on your connections. But facebook is ultimately to most, a social network for staying connected with friends.

Also, i was able to untag myself because i have access to my home laptop. I noticed those girl friends whom made comments were requesting to be untagged because they are on their mobile and are not able to untag themselves .  and i dont see them being rude in their request. Yet you seem to find it offensive that people don't want to 'help you promote' what you are selling. If you truly think of all of us as friends, you probably won't be thinking about leveraging on us/our friends  for your sales either. I'm in sales as well, but i don't take it upon my friends that they MUST help me. If they help me, its a bonus, if they don't, i don't let it affect the friendship because that's not why we are friends.

So, isn't your reaction a little too extreme? And their reasoning is that they don't want to be loaded with notifications, i think its very much justifiable. An average person has about 300 - 800 friends on facebook. If every friend starts tagging them on such product sharings together with 300 - 800 other friends, they will be flooded with notifications. This is an extreme example but point is, your friend is right, facebook is like a personal page and we do have a right to decide what we want to have on our wall.

Maybe you would like to consider reflecting on yourself as well. You ought to know you are in the MLM business. MLM business like insurance business, in general, is a stigma industry. Most people are just not comfortable with it. You cannot make people do what they don't feel comfortable with.  While insurance is a fabulous product to be honest, i dont think you will fancy all your insurance friends posting promotional plans on your wall.


guess what? very shortly after i posted my comment, PK removed his status and this whole string and den posted another status around the line of.. " my previous status resulted in a lot of trash talking so i deleted it. it is already hard making a living in singapore, i dont need people to make it more difficult. i need to around people who are positive and not people who will bring me down "

i probably should have stopped but i really buay tahan la. seriously, where got people like that one???

so i responded (and i honestly feel i responded with goodwill at heart).. " everyone is trying to make a living in singapore. But we do not impose on others to succeed. If you can't take rejections, don't do sales. continue this way and you will lose many friends "

said loser deleted this status again and created a new one! - " my life is more peaceful without people like u MONDAY! "

and den when no one responded to him, he commented on his new status " see, when i see what i don't like on my wall, i just delete! people can also do the same, dont understand why some people want to kick up a fuss "

TOTAL LOSER! loser who can't accept rejection. loser who can't see the point!

people DID NOT kick up a fuss. people would have untagged themselves IF THEY COULD! but people have already nicely informed they are on their mobile, not able to remove tag and request that YOU, the Tagger just PLEASE UNTAG. the problem is YOU.

seriously, this kind of people is really everything is you say lo, people cannot say anything. and even when people have stopped, u happily go on to scold people (for not helping you).

i did the required. i clicked the button ' UNFRIEND '. Your wish is my command.

den i went on to complain to my amex girlies, my butter girls and my driver.

poor driver just held on the phone to listen to me go on and on " where got people lidat one?? " hahaha

and the butter girls were saying this is so ungentlemanly and it does actually seem that increasingly so, guys of our generation seems to be so.

which reminds me of another incident some time late last year.

there is this other 'friend'.. let's call him SC (again, not said person's real name) who started a business doing some kind of investments etc. so one day he texted me and said .. " June, are you free on friday "

which i replied.. " hmm.. nope.. i have a chalet on that day and we are headed to JB to buy things before that "

and den he replied.. " i have a seminar on friday, can you bring your close customers down? go to your chalet later la "

and i replied to say .. " oh.. cannot leh, its a small scale chalet, im involved in preparations so i have to be there "

and den he replied.. " don't go chalet la. you come to the seminar then you go for your chalet "

Sher mer ren lai de?? wat kind of a person is this?? why would i compromise on my already committed social activity coz of your seminar? You are my who?

yes you are my friend and if anyone reading this who doesnt know me and wants to start judging me, go ahead. but friends who know me would know or so they say im one of the rare few who would actually go the extra mile to help my friends promote their businesses (at no benefit to myself) or link people up. BUT, this is all done at my OWN FREE WILL. i do it at a discretion. which already a lot of my friends think im doing too much for nothing.. that my discretion limits is often beyond what they would do for their friends. This is not about blowing any trumpet but just trying to state a point. I'm not totally against helping to promote what i think my friends will like / what would interest them.

like how today i saw laneign is giving free samples and den i went ahead to inform all my girl friends whom i think can benefit from it.

so anyway, back to this said friend SC, after two unfruitful attempts to try to ask me to bring customers down, SC said to me... " hey june, support me leh.. in my investments.. 10k only "

which i replied.. " wah, im sorry i dont have that kind of money leh "

here comes brilliant sales person reply .. " WAH, YOU SO POOR ONE AH. U WORK FOR SO LONG ALREADY 10k ALSO DON'T HAVE "

thank you for that brilliant reply!

perfect for me to reply " yes, im really so poor one lo "

YOU SIAO AH? 10k invest in your duno wat to support u? 

your investment really so good u need to come to me to ask me support a 10k bo?

these people seriously buay paiseh one meh? whole world owe u one huh?

im not saying that these two person are totally nasty people. they are not. they have their once nice sides too. But i reallyyyyyy buay tahan their not so good side also!

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