Monday, April 30, 2012

Bringing our mummies for 7 colours Xiao Long Bao

the day was supposed to start off well. a well planned day of free ride services for the day but somehow it got twitched.. i still got my free ride plus a not so good day.

i do however, appreciate the free ride and the encouragement (not just in words but in action... feels like im meeting an angel again) on going ahead to end what i'm not happy with. I hope your new challenge comes along great for you.

i felt a major lifter, a major load off my shoulders.

but something interesting! i bumped into Keith at my office void deck! I was really happy to see him again after so long! in fact i was just thinking about him a couple of weeks back while browsing his pictures on fb! it was great to talk for awhile and the agreement to catch up soon.

arranged with ah yee to bring our mummies out for a meal. decided on ion's paradise dynasty to let them try the 7 colours xiao long bao.

and the most important guest is Zeyu!

he is super cute! really super! his expressions are so alert and soooo cute! i love his small eyes!

we had a drunken chicken...

assorted eggs thingy...

the assorted eggs thingy taste like something my mum can make at home. haha


they were obviously overdone.

we asked for a replacement...

they gave us not so overdone.. but still overdone ones! in the end, they agreed to remove the item from the bill for us. i do not agree with places who got the things done wrong yet still proceed to serve it.

jelly fish...

their jelly fish was pretty good!

and the 7 colours xiao long bao....

one tray for mum, one for ah yee, one for jim poh!

at the end of it all, mum and jim poh likes the crab one. ah yee likes the original one. jim poh also likes the foie gras one.

the foie gras one for me and popoji (ah yee's helper.. i know, so cute the name!!) to share...

fried fish fillet...

hong you chao shou...

chives dumplings...

cong you bing...

not what i like but something joelle likes so i ordered for them to try. they agreed the skin is very nice.

seriously mum and myself were more excited about playing with lil zeyu....

looking at how happy mum is playing with zeyu, i feel that i've not fulfilled my duties as a daughter to provide her with a grandchild.

i think zeyu is uber cute!!

after the meal, we shopped around a bit and i headed over to catch avengers. Its an amazing show! fantastic!

its sooooo funny! i could watch it again! super funny!! super like!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The day i had glue on my bed!

well, as i have mentioned before, i cannot really take a full week of programmes anymore.


so today was supposed to be a potluck session at crabby's place to celebrate squiddy's birthday. I had already made known that i will be there after i wake up.

i woke up like around 2 plus!

i was still not ready to leave the house. i watsapp them telling them.. " i have a situation. someone put glue on my bed. im stuck "

i did offer to facetime but they couldnt get crabby's wifi working.

and i went back to sleep around 4 plus and effectively woke up around 7 pm... hahaha

but! they did send me pictures they took and made me photoshop myself in!

Happy birthday squiddy!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Joey & Ishan meets Niki!

its been awhile since shan and i managed to head down to the old folks home together. she's been missing some and i missed last two months. but glad we're back.

we shared a cab down and seriously, what's with the weather these days? as soon as i get downstairs, i feel hot and i feel sweaty! someone should just come up with an iphone app called iFan or iAircon or something! im sure the person will tua tua tan tan! Its so freaking HOT!!

today, we were put in charge of the bingo games section....

always felt that the old folks enjoy this game the most.

after the visit, we were feeling all hot and sweaty so we headed over to Shan & Joey's place to chill while waiting for Joey to be done with his run.

Shan gave me a treat of Joey's yummy 3 cheese macaroni....

it was good! Joey used strong tasting cheese which totally suit my palate!

yummy yummy yummy...!

i also texted Joanne because shes staying in the same block so she came on up to visit. She stays the same exact unit but on a different level.

looking at the two of them talk about the house, the interiors etc, i felt so envious! i want a nice looking house like this too! all that conversation made me check out the HDB website when i got home, on the available units, pricing etc.

subsequently, we also had conversations with Joey about the recent articles we read about foreign talents who come and leave. be it those here to study or work, who are given PR status for a sustained period of time, who use us as a stepping stone and head back. for those who get a 80000 grant for studies with a lock in period of 3 years but still head back to their home country etc etc.

its really quite sad to hear about it and to think that all these policies have got to do with the fact that i potentially will find it more and more difficult to own a house or car in the future.

anyway, for dinner, we decided to head down to katong.

we headed over to katong shopping centre for chicken rice...

this is a famous stall. there was a queue at dinner time!

it was pretty good. even the breast meat was not dry. i like the sauce drizzled on the rice.

the soup was also nice.

after dinner, we walked a down little and headed to Mooshi Bakes....

i've always passed by this place but never patronised. it always did look packed with people.

Joey pretty highly recommended their cream puffs...

note never to discuss about what's good over the counter until you've ordered. Because its partly because we were discussing to say what was good, just as we ordered, another couple who overheard, decided to also order and pay at the cashier while we ordered at the counter. so as a result, from 7 cream puffs, we were left with only 3.

but yes, the cream puffs were really good though the ordering part was a little annoying coz the cashier shouted over and cut our orders from 7 to 6 to 3 when the counter guy was getting ready to pack our order.

shan and joey came over to my place to chill after that.

met niki for the first time!

and we proceeded to play some board games. i adore shan and joey also for the similiarity in interest. they also enjoy playing board games with me!

we tried a round of Mad Magazine. it was quite a funny game.

and we also got to play a round of Monopoly! my very old school monopoly game! ha...

Friday, April 27, 2012


TGIF!! i can't help but remember the funny way Elrin said TGIF last week!

after work, i met up with Jerrold over at Plaza Singapura before heading down to the Cathay. He was keen to catch Hunger Games.

we did a quick bite at Yakun!

i think Yakun has the best toast around. my absolute favourite!

and i like my new cardigan!!

jerrold with his love for coffee...

and thank you for the Tussils that are supposed to be helpful for the cough. appreciate it!

the hunger games was a weird show.. not that its not interesting but.... the ending was a little hmm..

anyway, i love the cardigan i wore today! bought from my retail therapy last week, thank cute sponsor!

my sponsor was again feeling generous today! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

and the sweetest statement was.. " i ordered 500 comfort vouchers for you "

Nothing beats a thoughtful gift!