Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shida's birthday lunch 2011

as im on leave, arranged to meet up with shida and the rest for lunch today. shida's birthday just past so its like a belated birthday lunch for her!

we arranged to meet up at city hall and i happened to recall that city hall has Accessorize too! I went earlier to do a little bit of shopping and i bought the beanie that has been on my mind because my 'driver' has offered to sponsor! hehehe

thank cute driver!

birthday present for shida...

we had good old skinny pizza. u can barely go wrong! shida loves their squid ink! anu and i love their mashed potato... mmmm.. comfort food!

attendance was shuping, anu, shida and myself. the rest all couldnt make it!

cam whoring with my new beanie...

shopped around further while they went back to work and i saw this!

$39 from forever new! can someone buy this for me as xmas present???? pretty pretty please!!

i went for my 2nd driving lesson. it was so exciting! i drove from eunos to tampines and back! OMG! i am damn impresssed with myself!!! hahaha

after lesson, i went to meet up with fishy and squiddy for dinner at plaza singapura's crystal jade...

been so long since we met up!

i do kind of miss this feeling of us hanging out

Friday, November 25, 2011

My first driving lesson

today is a milestone! today is my first driving practical lesson!

so exciting!! so fun! quite stressful! makes me wonder how people actually manage to drive!! i mean seriously! how do u coordinate the hands, the eyes with the legs.. i cannot multitask! haha

this new job really seems to require me to drive. i'm kind of grateful this job prompts me to take up driving and im also grateful to my 'driver' who tries his best to send me for my far away or multiple appointments. =)

after the lesson, i made my way to town. am scheduled to meet lydia for facial. she has kindly offered to treat me for facial using her package when i told her i've not done facial for years. and her per session is not cheap, around $200!

i was early and since i'm on leave, i decided to fully utilise the day! i first went over to Robert Timms to enjoy my brunch. its such a shiok feeling! because its a weekday morning, the whole place was empty. everyone is working while i'm on leave! shiok-a-doo-da-doo!

usually i wouldnt order coffee, i will prefer chilled drinks. but u know, these kind of coffee cafe places, its usually the hot coffee thats more picture perfect so i ordered the hazelnut latte under the server's recommendation. proved to be a good choice!


so cute right???

after brunch, i went to shop around a bit. my first visit to the local H&M! see, shiok to be on leave on a weekday!

i bought a couple of tops for my upcoming trip and saw a really lovely pair of pink gloves from H&M! Got me reminded of the beanie from Accessorize again!!!,4,shop,wintershop,wintershophats

pretty right?? why so expensive?? sobbbbbbb

i keep reminding myself, lydia say buy next month only if i still cant get over it. truth is, now as i gradually pack my luggage, i feel as if it will match ALL the attires i packed. but its $50!!!! ack!

lydia arrived at about 2 and we headed for our facial.

us after the facial!

no make up on! felt like our face was glowing....

after the facial, lydia had to head back to work so i went to meet up with saphy and sharon at bugis! monopoly deal buddies! hehe

they did dinner at crystal jade la mien xiao long bao...

we played 2 rounds there before sharon suggested heading for desserts at Antoinette. She was really excited about the place so i agreed to go when she said its actually opened by a previous chef at canele. it was along lavender.

when i reached there and saw the sign....

i was like.. " eh!! why u bring me here??? isnt this the place from...."

sharon replied.. " ya, mandarin gallery! "

thats when i related to her the incident when i went over with meina and aloysious the last time, how when the server was planning to show me to my seat, he said.. " come ".. machiam like im his dog?!

but since we were here, i went along.

and now that sharon has mentioned it, i found the decor here very similiar to the canele. the victoria style plush sofas and the macaroons towers.

sharon and saphy...

i was still full from my brunch so i skipped desserts too.

sharon ordered a strawberry shortcake....

looks totally the same as the one from canele. it taste good too but in comparison i think canele's one had more moisture.

saphy had a mont blanc...

it was yummy!!

we continued with another about 3 rounds of monopoly deal here before calling it a day. saphy refused to play more because i kept winning! hehehehe

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lydia's first trip to Itacho

arranged to meet up with lydia after work. i had to do a bit of shopping for my german trip. visiting ocbc makes me miss the job. =(

for dinner, we went for itacho. i was actually still full from lunch but i promised lydia to bring her to itacho. its her first visit!

and of coz, had to let lydia try my true love - roasted fish dorsal.

overall, lydia quite enjoyed the meal too.

we saw this beanie at Ion's Accessorize....

I LOVE IT! its $49! =(

how can a beanie be so expensive!

but its really pretty... i walked away without it. Lydia told me if before my trip i am still thinking about it, i can come back and get it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lea plays soccer!

i didn't realise this lao ban craze till i saw a few postings on my facebook so i did some googling and found some raves about this.

i was hoping that someone can just buy it for me coz i want to try but i dont want to queue!

our appointment ended early so i got lea to drive over to maxwell market where we did our lunch and braced ourselves to queue!

we were there around 11 and there wasnt exactly a queue but you can already see tables of people seated around, ready to form a queue!

as the stall opens, although we were way early, in a blinking of the eye, we had missed being in the front of the queue formation!

but luckily we were not too far off!

we bought 9 sets. one for us to share on the spot and 8 to bring back to the office for whoever is around.....

it was really quite nice. different from the usual beancurd. lea said it really does burst into liquid and its really fun to eat. and u can really taste the soya drink taste.

lea said she can eat this everyday!

Met up with brian shortly and he sent me over to ecp to watch lea play soccer!!

the group were asking me to join and truth is if i was wearing the right shoes, i would be tempted to join in the fun! haha

i was teasing andy for being amazing. his sales is good, singing is good, soccer is good!

crabby dropped me home and came by to visit niki....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lydia's surprise 30!

was telling joelle about my teochew porridge craze and the teochew porridge place jiamiao was telling me about and joelle said she knows where it is and she brought me there!

so many taxi drivers makan here! confirm is good!

its called Ye Shanghai....

located somewhere along henderson road (i think)...

i am craving for some good pig liver! and of coz i want my cai por egg... we randomly chose a few other dishes...

it turned out to be only $8!! SO CHEAP!! thats about $4 per person! and the best part is, it is quite yummy!!

after work, i headed over to Orchard Central to collect my table at Medz for Lydia's surprise birthday party.

also collected the cupcakes i customised for lydia....

her long time absolute favourite facebook game.

i sourced around a bit. most of the customised cakes these days are very very costly and the worst thing is, there is no assurance that the cakes actually taste as good as it looks. its quite a sad case to have guest rave over pretty cakes but the cake actually dont taste good.

the other day at Quinton's birthday party, May introduced me to Jincakes.

after trying Quinton's birthday cake, at least i think its fairly decent in taste and i appreciate her reasonable pricing. I think she gave the most reasonable pricing amongst the different quotations i got. She is also very friendly and did delivery over to Orchard Central for me. Thank you Jiaxin!

Saphy was the first to arrive after myself...

and i still had much work...

gradually more and more people arrived....

all waiting in anticipation of the birthday girl. i planned this birthday about two months in advance securing the ocbc colleagues, our jc mates, her secondary school mates, her university mates etc.

for a party of such scales, its actually good to do it at a venue where everyone's bill is separate.. marche was one of my choice mainly because its more well known...but it was pretty ridiculous that they gave a regulation that each guest must purchase a $30 voucher upon arrival. I do really think its ridiculous to have such a mandate. Not everyone will eat up to such an amount.

marche also insisted i cannot bring my own cake. Which i highly doubt they are about to customise a pet society theme cake for me!

anyway, i called Medz and they were really nice about it when they knew its a surprise birthday party. they agreed to reserve about 30 seats for me and allowed me to bring my own customised cake. aside from that, i must say service from them for the rest of the night has been good.

got everyone to start eating first because birthday girl is held up from work.

high recommended that salt roast beef to everyone...

i was too occupied to really eat so these were some of the food the rest ordered.

lea's bowl of mushrooms...

mashed potato....

another one of my favourites of Medz.

saphy and her turkish food..


lea's cod fish...

kaizhi passed me the bear scarf she got me from her guangzhou trip! this is a scarf which i saw in hk but didnt buy but kept thinking about it. kaizhi saw it and get it for me (warms the heart)! although its a different colour but i like it!

my sweetest nicest boss ever, Shida came all the way from home even after she got home from work to help her girls with their exams. this is why shida is so endearing as a boss!

and then, we got news that lydia has arrived at the carpark!

and there is the star for tonight!

and as she saw me flashing the camera....

den i directed her to the three tables of people....

and jiet explained why she placed lydia on branch duty today...

we also made arrangements for xiaoqi to steal a dress of hers because knowing that she was on branch duty today, she will definitely come in her branch duty and without make up and all... and i also got lea to bring flasies while i brought my makeup to do up the star of tonight!