Sunday, November 1, 2009

My First Halloween!

woke up early today and was preparing to head to the home.

decided to cam whore again on leonard's speckys...

JJ was very tickled by that picture. he asked if it was for him when he tried to be cheeky. haha

today they had a performance instead of the usual bingo games for the elderly...

i.... kinda felt dat the elderly preferred the bingo games though. =p

while the performance was going on, we went down to the other wards to visit the elderly that previously belonged to this ward but transferred over to the other wards.

as the name of the wards of this home was mainly very nice names like.. Love, Faith, Peace, Joy etc., this conversation happened when we were asking the nurse where some of the familiar elderly previously went. the nurse replied.. " oh, he went to Peace already " and initially we were stunned wondering what she meant until it occurred to us that that was the ward name.

chatting with uncle Pereira...

very friendly elderly...

after the visit, i headed home straight to prepare for Halloween!

it was pouring.. i was quite worried.. its my first halloween.. im quite excited! and im really really really glad the butter girls agreed to go! its not their first halloween, they've had their fun so this time round they are partly gg coz i wana go... n im really glad i haf such a onz group of girl friends! i really haf kaizhi to thank for letting me find them! hehe

n in singapore, must go for halloween is none other den ZOUK!

if u are dressed in costume, entrance is free!

camillia tried to add more blood for kaizhi!

geishas should go with japanese soldiers...

its halloween 09!

my little pumpkin 'bag', cute hor? just nice can dump my barang barangs inside! i love all the pics we took! its basically a major cam whore session! haha.. i shall let the pictures do most of the talking!

GHOSTBUSTERS!! they sure have good business tonight! hahaha...

so creative! he came as a plant! but so poor thing, everything take pics he must squat down!

their make up as truly scary!!

and everyone got excited when they found their own 'kind'. like when siqi found her own category of chinese ghosts...


den i recognised this guy to be James! and he said.. " wah, wo hua cheng hui ni dou ren de wo? "..

hahaha.. and den the butter girls were commenting that i really know a lot of people!

recognised popeye to be michael, lionel's friend!

found my own kind! witches! den realised it was shirin!!!


i took pic with the pink one which is supposed to be me!

and yes, realised i koe one of the carebears too! desmond!

and i lurve lurve lurve this pic of me with all 10 carebears!!!!

i duno wat is wai teck dressed u as .... haha..

love the way irene did her make up....

this arty pic of camilia was taken by me!

dear dear!!!

haha.. annie!

headed over to velvet.... my first visit to velvet!


was motivated by another witch to draw something on my face!

siqi did the star for me... she's good!!

n oh ya, for the whole night, i kinda didnt figure out how i should pose as witch. i only knew i should squat like im a witch and i kept using my broom to point at people like im casting a spell. i totalllllllly forgot dat witches merely hafta use their fingers to action like they are casting a spell! until we got to butter later, some guy came to me and said.. " can u turn me into a mouse? " and i pointed my broom at him den i felt dat dat felt very SALA!..hahahhaa

the geishas tonight no business?

the butter girls decided dat as butter girls, we wana head back to our home ground. haha

imagine middle of the night u see a ghost like geisha driving... so scary!!

ah.. see! this is when i finally realised i cast a spell using my fingers! not broom!!

i found a life sized pumpkin!!

this pumpkin lady is very friendly! and very nice! when we were really squeezed in the crowd, she held my hand and led me out. so nice!!

Butter was much too crowded. Camilia and myself got kinda sian so we decided to leave for supper.

Vamsee came down from his party @ Rochester as well...

damn suay, wanted to go dennis it was closed, wanted to go tanjong pagar macs it was closed. we ended up at bq macs...

the server was so excited she took pics of us too! n she was so excited she forgot to give us our monopoly stickers! dat could be my sentosa cove! my $50k! haha.. fantastic is the person who came up with this marketing campaign. got everyone into this mac craze n rem to upsize for extra chances! haha